ICE BREAKERS: Son of God Stars
Roma Downey and Diogo Morgado,
and Producer Mark Burnett

son of god movie

Diogo Morgado plays Jesus in “Son of God.”

Before interviewing movie stars in town for press junkets, Philly film critic Piers Marchant warms them up with a list of themed, rapid-fire questions. This week he chats with three of the names behind the new Jesus of Nazareth bio-pic Son of God: stars Diogo Morgado (Jesus) and Roma Downey (Mary), and the film’s financial backer, mega-producer Mark Burnett, (who’s also Downey’s husband.) The theme? The Seven Deadly Sins.

What makes you angry?
Roma Downey: Unkindness.
Mark Burnett: My own failures.
Diogo Morgado: Betrayal.

What is your food kryptonite?
Diogo Morgado: Sushi.
Roma Downey: Potato chips.
Mark Burnett: Chocolate.

Other than food, what do you crave most?
Roma Downey: God.
Diogo Morgado: Love.
Mark Burnett: Time.

What won’t you share with others?
Roma Downey: My toys.
Diogo Morgado: There’s nothing, actually, I wouldn’t share.
Mark Burnett: I don’t have an answer. I couldn’t think of anything.

Roma Downey as Mary in "Son of God."

Roma Downey as Mary in “Son of God.”

What is your secret superpower? Something you’re very good at that very few people know about.
Diogo Morgado: Perseverance.
Mark Burnett: Energy.
Roma Downey: (stumped, rubs her chin) Um…
Mark Burnett: I know the answer to this.
Roma Downey: You do?
Mark Burnett: Listening.
Diogo Morgado: Yeah, you’re good with that.
Roma Downey: I don’t know if that’s a secret, though. But that’ll do.

What is something you wish you had invented? 
Mark Burnett: Google.
Diogo Morgado: (rubs hands together) Hmm, interesting. Electricity.
Roma Downey: Me, too. Electricity. Light!

What has been on your to-do list the longest?
Roma Downey: De-cluttering my home.
Diogo Morgado: Working out.
Mark Burnett: (thinks a moment) I got my list done.

Son of God opens in Philly on Fri., Feb. 28 at UA Riverview, the Pearl Theatre, UA Main Street, AMC Cherry Hill and more. Check out the trailer below. See more of Piers’s film coverage on his blog, Sweet Smell of Success.