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public safety

City Life

Crime in Philly Is Falling (Spread the Word)

When I talk to people about what’s happening in Philadelphia these days, the most frequent comments I hear are about crime. My neighborhood doesn’t feel […]

City Life

Yes, Philadelphia Is Safer Than They Say on TV

There are many memorable scenes in Martin Scorsese’s dark but gorgeously filmed 1976 movie Taxi Driver, in which Robert DeNiro plays a New York City […]

City Life

5 Big Ideas for Improving Public Safety in Philadelphia

In the late summer of 2022, after six and a half years in office, I resigned my seat on Philadelphia City Council in order to […]

City Life

What Temple Can Learn From Penn About Making Students Feel Safe

When I moved to Philadelphia from Houston 12 years ago to attend the University of Pennsylvania, I knew immediately that this was a city I’d […]