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Foie Gras Blow Up Le Bec-Fin

Stu Bykofsky describes an ugly incident outside Le Bec-Fin between a drunk customer and four people protesting Le Bec-Fin for serving foie gras. Problems began […]


Obama Stinks?

Vermont cheesemakers Lazy Lady Farm have named a cheese for Barick Obama, and it’s a stinker. Tremendously stinky washed-rind cow’s milk cheese cheekily named after […]


No Foie Gras At Starr Restaurants

If you’re looking for foie gras, scratch Stephen Starr restaurants off the list. Stephen Starr, owner of 11 of the city’s premiere restaurants, has removed […]


Reaction To PLCB Shakeup

The Inquirer looks looks at the fallout from Jonathon Newman’s resignation from the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board. Additionally PhilaFoodie gives his thoughts on what it […]


Head of LCB Quits

Jonathan H. Newman, who implemented unique ways to sell wine and liquor in a state-run monopoly, will step down this morning as a member of […]