Oh God, It’s Starting Already

Joe Sestak ... for governor ... in 2014

Can We All Agree That It’s Way Too Damn Early for This Crap? According to PoliticsPa.com—a website owned in part by February profile subject/DC lobbyist David Urban—former Congressman and failed Senate candidate Joe Sestak’s 67-county tour to thank his campaign supporters may have had something of an ulterior motive: laying the groundwork for a challenge to Governor Tom Corbett three years hence.

Now Sestak looks right at home, meeting and greeting those same insiders with ease. His 67-county “thank you” tour” tour took him almost exclusively to local Democratic committees. And the Admiral has openly talked about a future in public service.

Sestak for Governor? Rumors naturally abound any time 400 politicos gather in one building. However, one persistent idea that PoliticsPA heard from several sources, was that Sestak is considering a run for Governor in 2014.

One source said he was in the room with Sestak and his advisers while they discussed a gubernatorial campaign.

Another committeeman loyal to the Admiral, when talking about prospective candidates he might support in 2014, made sure always to add, “unless Sestak decides to get in, then I’m with him.”

Those are two accounts of several. [Politics Pa]