Ed And Midge Are Over

Plus: Suicides, health care, drugs, scandal and more depressing crap that Philly’s talking about this morning. (Also: Prince and Kim Kardashian!)

The Rendells Enter Splitsville. The former governor and first lady sent an email to friends yesterday announcing an amicable separation after almost 40 years together. Last year, Ed denied a rumored affair, and insisted to the Inky that he and his wife were staying together: “We are not separating. We’ve been together 42 years and we are doing fine. And all this stuff is a bunch of hooey.” [Inquirer]

A National Guardsman Commits Suicide in Frankford. Ivan Lopez, 23, who served in Afghanistan, became the 14th Pennsylvania Army Guardsman to commit suicide since 2003 when he hanged himself in late January. He leaves behind a wife and two small children. Sad. [Inquirer]

Pa. House Republicans To Pass A Meaningless Anti-Health Care Bill. (They will then pat themselves on the back, and the world will continue spinning.) The bill, which passed committee yesterday, would forbid the commonwealth from enforcing the individual mandate. Only problem: that’s a federal thing, so this hue and cry is largely symbolic. [Newsworks]

Two Ex-Philly Cops Plead Guilty To Drug Charges. They plotted to steal and sell heroin they confiscated from a dealer, and now face at least five and 10 years behind bars, respectively. [Fox 29]

Villanova’s Law School Fudged Admissions Data. School officials said the program inflated GPAs and other data, likely to bump up its national rankings. [Inquirer]

Because It’s Tuesday, And Your Morning Scoop Was Kind of Depressing. Here’s video and a Questlove pic of Prince kicking Kim Kardashian offstage at Madison Square Garden. [YouTube via Village Voice; ?uestlove]