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Team Nutter on the City Hall Parking Lot

Philly Mag published a story this morning explaining the role of the Mayor’s Office in managing parking on the sidewalk/apron on the northern edge of City Hall. […]


Councilman Wants to Outlaw Selling Your Public Parking Space

A Philadelphia City Councilman wants to outlaw a new app that allows you to sell your public parking space to the next driver. Councilman Bill […]


Super Parking Nerd From Philly Hits the Big Time

The International Parking Institute’s Rachel Yoka, originally from the Philly area, gets a sprawling 2,000-word feature from CityLab as part of its Future of Transportation […]

Things to Do

Atlantic City Offers “Free” Blake Shelton Concert, Garages Charge $50 for Parking

Oh, Atlantic City: You are never going to learn, are you? Last evening, country music star Blake Shelton offered what was billed as a “free […]


PPA Hopes to Let You Pay for Parking With Your Cell Phone

The Philadelphia Parking Authority is hoping to allow you to pay for parking with your cell phone by next summer. Well, “hopefully,” a spokesperson says. […]

City Life

Does Philly Need to Make Parking Harder to Become a “Green City?”

We may be on the verge of a very weird parking moment in Philadelphia. The same day we at Philly Mag ran Patrick Kerkstra’s “fighting […]


PPA to Start 6-Month Study on Motorcycle, Scooter Parking in Center City

The Philadelphia Parking Authority is starting a study on motorcycle and scooter parking in Center City. It’s expected to last about six months. Last year, […]

City Life

Parking in Philly Should Be Harder. And Cost Way More.

A car is the ultimate entitlement machine — particularly when driven by a Philadelphian. Can’t you hear it now? “Parking here is so expensive.” “Why […]

City Life

Here’s a Map Showing PPA Cars Parked Where You’re Not Allowed to Park

Hating the PPA is as Philadelphian as cheesesteaks, Rocky, and being thoroughly unsurprised at political corruption. But online presence PPAWatch does more than just hate […]

City Life

PPA to Eliminate Smart Cards by Year’s End

The Philadelphia Parking Authority announced today it is phasing out Smart Cards by the end of 2014. It will stop selling them May 30th, and […]

City Life

Philly Driver Gets Nasty Note After Parking in Snow Spot

With the Philadelphia Police Department trotting out a nearly 15-year-old Internet meme for its #NoSavesies movement, you’d think people would get that you’re not legally […]