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The Brief: Stu Bykofsky’s Candidates’ Comedy Night Is Ending

1. Stu Bykofsky’s 25th Candidates’ Comedy Night will be the last. The gist: For the past two-and-a-half decades, Daily News reporter Stu Bykofsky has convinced city, state and federal candidates […]


Big Parking, Property Tax Hikes Proposed to Fund City Schools

[Updated at 1:10 p.m.] Philadelphia City Council introduced legislation Thursday to hike three taxes in order to help fund the school district. Though lawmakers have been pooh-poohing Mayor Michael […]


Are Urban Progressives Hypocrites?

You know the phrase today’s liberal is tomorrow’s conservative? Well, there’s an opinion piece in the right-leaning City Journal which turns that age-old adage on its head. Essentially, the piece is […]

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This Bill Would Transform Civil Asset Forfeiture in Pa.

Pennsylvania senators Mike Folmer and Anthony Williams have a crazy idea: They think a person should be convicted of a crime before the government is allowed to take their property for […]


How Car Sharing Can Lower Rent Costs

Last month, Citified wrote about how Philadelphia’s zoning code could help solve the never-ending parking problem here. It turns out there’s another reason to be gung ho about […]


Why Voter Turnout Sucked in Philly’s Mayoral Race

1. Voter turnout in Philadelphia wasn’t always so pitiful. The gist: Only 27 percent of registered voters cast a ballot in Philadelphia’s mayoral primary last week. It wasn’t always like […]


The Brief: Pay by Phone Parking Coming to Philly Really Soon

1. Parking kiosk down again? No problem. The gist: PlanPhilly reports that the Philadelphia Parking Authority has picked a company — Pango USA — to […]


PPA Mobile App Taking Shape

It’s not every day (or any day, really) that I find myself saying good things about the Philadelphia Parking Authority. Yes, it’s got a rep as a […]

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City Hall Wants to Delay Parking App

The Philadelphia Parking Authority wants to offer a new smartphone app that would nearly automate the process of paying for on-street parking, but it has […]

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Cheap Parking in Philly? There’s an App for That

Picture this. You’re driving around Center City looking for a parking space. Forget about finding a free one, that’s just not going to happen. So […]


How Car Sharing Can Solve Philly’s Parking Problems

When City Council approved a new zoning code back in 2012, advocates for a more walkable, cycling- and transit-friendly city had mixed reactions to the […]


Tower Proposal Looks to Continue the Boom on Chestnut Street

Chestnut Street is in the middle of quite the renaissance. While some are looking to protect the future of its architectural gems of yesteryear, others […]


Update: Philly Parking Kiosks Taking Cards Again

UPDATE: The PPA announced credit cards are working in parking kiosks again. “We want to apologize for any inconvenience caused by the failure of our […]

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Philly Offers Free Saturday Parking During Holidays

One of Philadelphia’s best holiday traditions is returning: Free parking on Saturdays.

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Ranking Philly’s 5 Mortal Parking Sins

  Even with the strange new lens through which Philadelphians now view City Hall and parking, what happened over at the intersection of Broad and Market earlier this […]