PPA to Start 6-Month Study on Motorcycle, Scooter Parking in Center City

The Philadelphia Parking Authority says it will begin rolling out the pilot program soon.

The Philadelphia Parking Authority is starting a study on motorcycle and scooter parking in Center City. It’s expected to last about six months.

Last year, the PPA began issuing $76 tickets to scooters and motorcycles parked on the sidewalk downtown. After protests, the PPA announced new initiatives for motorcycle and scooter parking, but it hasn’t followed through on the new spaces it pledged to create in early January.

Why the hold up? Councilman Mark Squilla tells KYW 1060 what’s up:

And when the PPA asked scooters and motorcyclists to park in spots reserved for cars, Squilla says they had some legitimate complaints, “A lot of the scooter people had concerns of being able to lock them up and have places where they can be secure so that either cars can’t hit them or people can’t steal them. So, the Parking Authority decided instead of doing a legislation to enable people to park in different spots, they wanted to do a pilot program first to study the use of scooters and also the areas where actually they could use more parking.”

Last week, NBC 10 reported on a man who received 15 parking tickets (totaling $570) for his legally parked motorcycle. The PPA says it is sharing its new pilot program study at a closed-door meeting on Wednesday.

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