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Philly Drag Queens Will Return to 2015 Mummers Parade

For the third year, Philly drag queens will return to the New Year’s Day Mummer’s Parade. The Mummers LGBT Liaison Committee announced today that the […]

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PHL17 Has Started An All-Mummers Channel

PHL17 announced today it has created a sub-channel that will be showing non-stop Mummers parades until January 1st. The station will be airing parades back […]

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DO THIS: Tribe of Fools Presents Gay Take on Romeo and Juliet

It’s Romeo and Juliet. But gay. And with Mummers. If you think this sounds like the plot of an episode of Family Guy, you’re wrong. It’s the show Two […]

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Mummers May Reverse, Shorten Traditional Parade Route

It’s usually a scary thing to challenge tradition in Philly, but in this case, a proposal to reverse the Mummers’ traditional January 1st parade route […]


2014 Olympics: Pizza Style

Tomorrow, Thursday, July 17th, from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m., restaurants from all over South Philadelphia will compete for what may be the most honorable, and […]

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VIDEOS: 10 Cool Old British Newsreels of Philadelphia

From 1910 until 1970, the U.K.-based Pathé News produced newsreels and documentaries on events all over the world. Recently, a collection of 85,000 videos was […]

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GALLERY: Photographer Captures Philly’s Mummers Spirit

These portraits of the Mummers were inspired by one of my biggest photography influences, Richard Avedon, who sought to highlight his subjects’ personalities, often by […]

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The Best Craiglist Missed Connections of Mummers Day

With a tip of the top-hat to The Cut, here are the best Mummers-related Craigslist Missed Connections of New Years Day.

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Morgan Wells Wins Miss Fancy Brigade 2014

Mummers LGBT Liaison Committee head Ian Morrison (aka Brittany Lynn) just announced that drag queen Morgan Wells won the title of Miss Fancy Brigade 2014. […]

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PHOTOS: Miss Fancy Brigade at 2014 Mummers Parade [UPDATED]

The Mummers Parade got one of the fiercest kickoffs in its 114-year history yesterday when the Miss Fancy Brigade lined up to sashay down Broad […]

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Mummers Anthem Was Composed By a Black Guy

So it turns out the Mummers unofficial anthem, “Oh Dem Golden Slippers,” was composed in 1879 by a black Philadelphian who went by the name […]

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Teen Girl Allegedly Raped on Two Street After Mummers Parade

The dark underbelly of Two Street after the Mummers Day Parade: Police say [a 16-year-old] girl was walking in the area of 2nd and Tree […]

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Happy New Year From G Philly!

We’ll be off today eating cabbage and black-eyed peas and doing all the other things that are supposed to make for a lucky new year. […]

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Behind the Sequins Will Tell You Most of What You Need to Know About Mummers

Yeah, it’s still two days before Christmas—a whole week before the New Year. That means you still have time to get up to speed on […]

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New Mummers Fancy Brigade Debuting This Year

For the first time in twelve years, the Mummers parade gets its first new Fancy Brigade. The group will be performing first at the Convention […]