Someone Stole Froggy Carr’s Costumes

A thief broke into Froggy Carr's clubhouse and stole about a dozen suits. Other Mummers have volunteered to donate extra suits.

With just weeks to go until the Mummers Parade, someone has stolen Froggy Carr’s costumes! (Excellent “Rat steals Frogs costumes” headline, Daily News. The paper also quotes Sixers beat writer Ed Barkowitz, who has marched with the Frogs for 20 years.)

The Froggy Carr club in South Philly was broken into sometime late Tuesday or early Wednesday. About a dozen suits were stolen. The club declined to comment to the DN, saying “there is already enough going on with the parade route being changed we don’t wanna make anymore waves.” Wait, that’s the exact opposite of what Froggy Carr is known for!

In a show of good Mummery (or whatever), Jesters NYB has offered some extra clown suits. “I THINK IT WAS A LOW LIFE CRUMB THAT BROKE INTO FROGGY CARR,” a Jesters member writes.

About 900 Froggy Carr members will march, so don’t worry fans: Their parade shouldn’t be disrupted. In other news, this is easily the most Philadelphia theft since the time that dude stole the Phillie Phanatic’s head.

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