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Philadelphia Sues Wells Fargo Over Discriminatory Lending Practices

On Monday, Philadelphia filed a federal lawsuit against Wells Fargo asserting that the bank has engaged in discriminatory lending practices against black and Latino home […]


Got Little Ones? Living in the City Will Save You a Bundle

If you’re in a family way, and you’re looking for a place that can accommodate your new arrival, you might want to read this, for […]


Homes Get A Little Less Affordable, Both Here and Nationwide

As housing markets nationwide continue their recovery from the 2008 market collapse, it appears that affordability may be one of the things falling by the wayside. […]

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Is It Time to “Repeal and Replace” the Mortgage Interest Deduction?

If Congress is proactive, the possibility of productive tax reform in 2017 could very well become a reality. It’s necessary, too – particularly in the housing market, […]

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Mortgages are Affordable All Over Greater Philly: Study

In some United States metropolitan areas, the demand for jobs and amenities within a given city is causing the value of homes to far surpass homebuyers’ incomes. […]


Homes Got More Affordable in Philly Last Quarter

House prices in the Philadelphia market continued to climb in the third quarter of 2016, which is good news for homeowners wishing to sell. But […]


Philly Ranks 12th Nationwide for Affordability

How much do you need to make a year to be able to afford the median-priced home in the Philadelphia market? According to mortgage site […]