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Main Line Monday: A French Fantasy in Merion Station

Sometimes, the soul just craves a romanticized French farmhouse rather than a traditional colonial home on the Main Line. This beautiful Normandy-style stone home, built […]


Big Turnout for Merion Meeting to Talk About St. Charles Seminary Redevelopment

At the Merion Tribute House on Wednesday night, Susan Guthrie began by telling her larger than expected audience, “We believe it’s better to be prepared […]


Pick Up Truck Plows Through Hymie’s Deli

Hymie’s Deli received an unwelcome guest early this morning as a red pickup truck crashed through the front window. The popular deli will remain closed […]


US Open Theft: 10 Grand of Booze Stolen

$10,000 worth of booze left over from the U.S. Open was stolen from the Merion Golf Club this week. No arrests have been made. $10,000 […]


US Open Eating Guide

During US Open week, tens of thousands of golf fans will invade Merion and the Main Line. Here are some suburban suggestions on where to […]


Next Up for Citron & Rose’s Magerman, The Dairy

Citron & Rose’s David Magerman has landed the real estate for his his more casual Kosher restaurant, The Dairy. Magerman wants to open the restaurant at 321 […]

golf open rental

US Golf Open Rental: For Some Portion of $40,000 You’d Better See Beads of Tiger’s Sweat

This five-bedroom, four-bath property in Ardmore is listed at $40,000 a month, and while that is rather on the prohibitive side for many, it has […]


10 Main Line Homes Where Tiger Woods Could Sleep During the U.S. Golf Open

The 2013 USGA Open Championship will be held at the Merion Golf Club this year, and that means many overnight guests will come for at […]

albert barnes house

For Sale: The Former Home of Albert Barnes, the Man Behind the Barnes Foundation

It took Dr. Michael Toaff and his wife five minutes to decide they were going to buy Albert Barnes’s Merion estate in 1988. That was […]


Answering a Higher Calling at Citron and Rose

David Magerman set out to open a kosher Subway. What he got instead was a whole lot better. Trey Popp reviews Citron and Rose. I’d […]


Armed Robbers Hit Hymie’s Deli

Around 9 p.m. on Saturday night masked robbers armed with shotguns and pistols walked into Hymie’s Deli and demanded cash and cell phones from the […]