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Bad Bar People #2: The Lousy Tipper

Last week, we introduced you to our new series Bad Bar People by investigating the scourge known as The Jukebox Violator. This week, in honor […]


UPenn Jerks Tip 40 Cents at McGlinchey’s (After Brandishing Two $100 Bills)

Jo-Ann Rogan was bartending at Philadelphia dive bar McGlinchey’s on Thursday night, as she has many times over the course of her 21 years there. […]


Drastic New Pennsylvania Smoking Ban Proposed

  Those of you who still like to smoke cigarettes in dives like McGlinchey’s and Locust Bar or light up cigars on the deck or […]


The History of McGlinchey’s

Hidden City Philadelphia tells the history of McGlinchey’s. Did you know the duck mural is actually an old billboard for an ARCO gas station? It’s […]


Best of Philly: McGlinchey’s, the Best Dive of Them All

Classic Best of Philly: The Eternal Draw of McGlinchey’s I remember the first time I went to McGlinchey’s, the notoriously divey (and smoky) dive bar […]


Tonight: Visit the Library

Dive bar expert Brian McManus, author of Philadelphia’s Best Dive Bars – Drinking and Diving in the City of Brotherly Love will be appearing at […]


Bloomsday Boozin

Minor holidays in America go one of two ways, they become a reason to have appliance sales or a reason to party it up. It […]


Yards On The Bar At McGlinchey’s

One Friday each month McGlinchey’s taps a keg of Yards right on the bar and offers cheap pints and the occasional giveaway. The next of […]