Bloomsday Boozin

Minor holidays in America go one of two ways, they become a reason to have appliance sales or a reason to party it up. It looks like Bloomsday is taking the second path. Bloomsday celebrates the works of Irish author James Joyce and in particular his book Ulysses, which takes place on June 16th 1904 in Dublin.

Now sure there are cerebral events taking place like at the Rosenbach Museum but Foobooz is naturally more interested in the drinking-related events.

Friday night there is the Bloomsday 101 Bar Crawl.
Show up at Fergie’s Pub at 6 PM for a crash course in Ulysses. Then head out on a bar crawl that includes Fergie’s, Irish Pub at 1123 Walnut Street, Nodding Head and McGlinchey’s.

On Saturday McGillin’s Old Ale House will feature and anyone can bring in a book by James Joyce for a free beer.

McGillin’s Old Ale House [Official Site]
Bloomsday Events [Rosenbach Museum]