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Marc Vetri Used to Have a Creepy Mustache

Marc Vetri alerts us to a shameful artifact of his past today, via his Instagram feed.


Great Expectations: Pizzeria Vetri Reviewed

Trey Popp comes to Pizzeria Vetri with great expectations but too many of the pizzas literally flopped. The further away I got from the pizza menu, […]


Gastronaut: Getting the Band Back Together

Back in the day, when I was still cooking dinner for strangers rather than writing about it, there was a kind of running joke that […]


Animated GIF: Rotolos at Pizzeria Vetri

Pizzeria Vetri’s rotolo has garnered fans right from the moment the Fairmount pizzeria opened. The rotolo is mortadella and ricotta wrapped up in pizza dough […]


Pizzeria Vetri Is Serious About Pizza

Adam Erace reviews Marc Vetri’s temple of pizza, Pizzeria Vetri, and comes away impressed. They all begin with a dough that eschews oil, per Neapolitan […]


Vetri Turns Fifteen and Dan Rubin Was There on Opening Night


Last night marked the fifteenth anniversary of Vetri. Marc Vetri’s eponymous restaurant has been praised far and wide since, but Vetri’s success was much less obvious fifteen years ago.

Check out Dan Rubin’s profile of Marc Vetri from that opening night.

Blood, sweat and dogged persistence []

Vetri [Official Site]


Pete McAndrews Wins Food Porn Award at Eagles Chiefs Game

On Thursday night, the Eagles and the Chiefs squared off at Lincoln Financial Field. I’ll let the people who know something about the sport opine […]


Vetri Vs. Solomonov in a Rap Battle

We’re a fan of any rap battle that rhymes Gouda with Yehuda. Brad Podray is back with his latest fan rap. This time it’s a […]


A Sure Sign that Pizzeria Vetri Is Getting Close

The sign is up at Pizzeria Vetri. Marc Vetri’s pizzeria at 20th and Callowhill is aiming to open on Friday, September 6th. If you need […]


Check Out Marc Vetri’s Home Kitchen

Marc Vetri’s Kitchen Property spots this awesome Houzz feature on Marc Vetri’s home kitchen. Vetri recently redid his home kitchen and enlisted the help of […]


Jose Garces Joining Marc Vetri at the Moorestown Mall

Pennsylvania Real Estate Investment Trust (PREIT) announced during an earnings call that the Moorestown Mall is getting another well known Philadelphia chef. Jose Garces will […]


Eagles Add Garces, Vetri and McAndrews to Team

Last season the Philadelphia Eagles offered food from Kevin Sbraga at Lincoln Financial Field. This year the Eagles and Aramark are teaming up with Jose Garces, […]


The New York Times on Le Bec-Fin at Vetri

The New York Times’ Frank Bruni was at the final night of Le Bec-Fin at Vetri where he was able to enjoy a heavenly dinner from […]


Vetri Is Le Bec-Fin

For the next three nights Le Bec-Fin will return to its original location and current location of Vetri at 1312 Spruce Street. Marc Vetri is […]


This Is What Marc Vetri Practicing His Pasta-Making Looks Like

So now you know how he got to be the best at what he does… ~@MarcVetri