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Things to Do

Local Kickstarter Campaign Asks Women to Draw Penises

Philadelphia writer Alex Millard has begun a Kickstarter campaign to fund a project that asks women to draw penises, and then write a six-word bio about them.

Be Well Philly

A Maintenance-Free Bike—and 8 Other Health and Fitness Kickstarters to Know About Now

As the saying goes, necessity is the mother of invention. The beauty of websites like Kickstarter is that things are invented (and funded) by people, […]


What We’re Drooling Over: Rooster Soup Co. Menu

Michael Solomonov and Steve Cook have just teased three menu items for Rooster Soup Co., the hopeful product of Federal Donuts and Broad Street Ministry’s kickstarter, […]


Help This Philly Designer Produce Her Amazing Jewelry Collection

We at Shoppist adore helping out local designers. (Hello, it’s the driving force behind the entire Philly Mag Fashion Project.) So when we got word […]


Federal Donuts Teams Up To Launch a Kickstarter

If you needed one more reason to love Federal Donuts, here it is: Federal Donuts is collaborating with Broad Street Ministry (BSM), a non-profit, to […]

Things to Do

Philly Mom Kickstarts Project to Teach Kids Baking and Foreign Language Skills at the Same Time

Mothers everywhere understand the conundrum. How do you coax kids off the couch and into a project that reaps more rewards than a marathon session […]

City Life

New Documentary Will Chronicle Story of Defrocked Pa. Pastor Frank Schaefer

Producer Kate Logan (Kidnapped For Christ) recently started a Kickstarter campaign to fund a documentary that would tell the story of Frank Schaefer, the Pennsylvania […]

Things to Do

Philly Historic Tour Guide Wants You to Kickstart Her Movie

Temple grad Amy Fear just launched a Kickstarter page to fund her new set-in-Philly short film that draws from her experiences being a historic tour guide […]


Skateboarding + Landscape Architecture + Urban Planning Mashup Hits Kickstarter

Franklin’s Paine Park is one of Philadelphia’s most exciting public space projects, in part because it can’t be easily categorized. It’s a mixed tape crafted […]