Philly Historic Tour Guide Wants You to Kickstart Her Movie

Temple grad Amy Fear just launched a Kickstarter page to fund her new set-in-Philly short film that draws from her experiences being a historic tour guide in Old City. Here’s her synopsis of the film:

Another Time is the story of Harriet, a 27-year-old woman dealing with typical problems of indecisiveness, daily panic attacks, the sense of being lost, and a total fear of commitment. Only Harriet has more than twenty-something angst to blame for her troubles — she honestly believes she is a victim of botched time travel and belongs in 1783. Haunted by strange dreams, a hazy childhood, and strong connections to various historic parts of the city, she will suddenly be thrown into a situation that makes the question all the more pressing: Is she willing to give up finding a way home and settle into her modern existence?

Are you getting a Girls-meets-John Adams vibe, too?

On the Kickstarter page, she explains that the proposed product will “take advantage of Philly’s rich history while also using very modern experiences of living here. She’s bringing along some of her fellow guides and local actors, including Michael Wyant, who will play Harriet’s artist roommate, and Rob Carroll will make a cameo as a Benjamin Franklin re-enactor.

She’s looking for $5,000 to make the film, and so far she’s only hit $755. To kickstart a sister, go here.