Rich Teens Land Twice as Many Jobs as Poor Kids

Affluent teens are twice as likely to find summer jobs than their underprivileged peers. A recent Drexel University study found that 40.8 percent of teens in households with more than […]


BizFeed: UberEATS Coming to Philly

1. Uber’s food delivery hiring Philly GM The News: Uber isn’t just a people-delivery service, it’s also a food-delivery service through its vertical UberEATS. Now the company […]


6 Sure-Fire Ways to Hire Talented Millennials

If you’re a business owner or an HR executive, I’m guessing you’re trying pretty hard to attract millennials to your organization. It’s easy to talk […]

City Life

2,500 Youth Summer Jobs Announced

What will the city do about the 46,000 teens and young adults who are not enrolled in school and not working? Well, today, on the first day of […]


107,000 Teens and Young Adults With Nothing to Do

Nearly 20 percent of Philadelphians aged 16-24 are neither enrolled in school or working. That’s about 46,000 teens and young adults with not a lot […]


BizFeed: Companies Can Fire Over Medical Marijuana Use, Court Says

Court: Worker Can Be Fired for Medical Pot Use The News: The Colorado Supreme Court has ruled that companies have the right to terminate employees that […]


BizFeed: Whole Foods Battling Organic Farmers

Whole Foods in Organic Food Fight The News: The farmers that supply Whole Foods have some serious issues with the supermarket chain’s new produce rating system. It […]


BizFeed: Elon Musk Wants to Beam Internet From Space

1. The “Comcast of Outer Space” The News: Billionaire Elon Musk has requested permission from the Federal Communications Commission to provide Internet service from outer space. The Wharton […]


BizFeed: Amtrak Passengers Stuck After Crew “Ran Out of Hours”

1. Amtrak Passengers Stuck in Delaware After Crew “Ran Out of Hours” The News: On it’s trip from New York to Washington D.C., an Amtrak train surprisingly […]


Laying Off Jewish Exponent Staff a Necessary Evil

Sometimes, tough business decisions need to be made. There’s no denying that the Jewish Exponent was in serious financial trouble over the past 10 years […]


BizFeed: Stress Linked to Wharton Grad’s Death?

1. Did Stress Kill a 22-Year-Old? The News: Sarvshreshth Gupta was ready to tackle life at Goldman Sachs. A 22-year-old Penn graduate from Wharton and the School […]


Philadelphia’s Unemployment Rate Continues to Fall

The economic recovery in Philadelphia continues to show serious improvement. Philadelphia’s unemployment rate fell to 6.5 percent in April, down from 7.1 percent in March and 7.5 […]


Why These Five Startups Are Staying in Philly

May used to be Philadelphia’s traditional month of congratulations and goodbyes. University grads accepted their diplomas, packed up, and left the cradle of liberty in […]


Wegmans Hiring Hundreds, But Good Luck Getting A Job

Attention Wegmans shoppers: For its new store in Concordville, Pa., the popular supermarket is hiring 325 part-time positions. But with so many applicants, getting hired at […]


720 Layoffs at Chester County Aircraft Maker

While consumers may celebrate low oil prices for making it cheaper at the gas pump, it’s ripple effects will cost 720 people in Chester County their jobs. Sikorsky has […]