Two-Thirds of Philly College Students Want to Stay, Study Finds

In the past few years we’ve learned that Philadelphia is attractive to the flood of Millennials moving in, but what about those Millennials who are […]


Report: Educational and Medical Jobs Help Stabilize Rents and Retail Market

It’s no secret that Philadelphia is a powerhouse in educational and health services – just a quick glance around our thriving metropolis will make this more […]

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The 30 Top-Paying Jobs in Philadelphia Earning Over $100K

What are the best-paying jobs in the Philly region right now? Exactly how much are lawyers raking in these days? Your kid’s orthodontist? Your CEO? […]

Michael Nutter looks through a smartphone

Where Did All The Jobs Go? Michael Nutter Took Them!

The official U.S. unemployment rate last month was 4.8 percent. Some say the actual unemployment rate is higher, for various reasons. I have another theory: […]

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You Wanna Make America Great Again? Save the Bank Tellers, Not the Coal Miners

A couple of decades ago, my sister confided to me that she tried to buy only clothes and household goods that are made in America. […]

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Report: Young Adults in Philly More Likely to Live at Home, Less Likely to Have a Job

A new study claims that young adult Philadelphians are much more likely to live at home than their peers nationwide.


World’s Largest Starbucks Distribution Center Will Be in Pa.

There’s pretty much a Starbucks on every block, but the coffee giant hasn’t stopped making moves. Starbucks announced Thursday it will expand on its existing distribution center […]

Target store at 1900 Chestnut - under construction

Target Is Holding a Three-Day Job Fair for Its Rittenhouse Store

Target expects to bring 70 new jobs to Center City Philadelphia this fall when it opens its 1900 Chestnut Street location in October. The company […]


QVC Laying Off 220, Shipping Jobs to Poland

QVC is laying off 220 people as it ships parts of its HR, IT, finance and legal departments to Krakow, Poland. Approximately 100 people at the […]


No, the Economy Isn’t Plunging Into a Recession

The S&P 500 got off to one of its worst starts in history this year. While many are preparing for another significant economic downturn, at […]


Philly Adding Bachelor’s Degrees at Second-Highest Rate in U.S.

Philadelphia’s population is much more educated than it was just four years ago — but it’s still got plenty of room for improvement compared to other […]


Donald Trump Using 1,300 Philly Layoffs As Campaign Fodder

Back in January, I broke a sad news story about Cardone Industries announcing more than 1,300 layoffs, as the company plans to ship jobs from Northeast Philly to Matamoros, […]


5 Things to Know about Darrell Clarke’s Massive Jobs Plan

On Inauguration Day, City Council President Darrell Clarke announced in a semi-mayoral speech that he would soon unveil an energy savings program that would create more than 10,000 […]


Philly is 3rd Worst City for Job Growth, Says CareerBuilder

Philadelphia may have added 30,875 jobs from 2014 to 2015, but it was still the third-worst city for job growth in the United States, according to […]


Think You’re Ready for Promotion? 3 Questions to Ask Yourself

Maybe you’re a young person trying to get that elusive first promotion after working at an entry-level job. Maybe you have lots of experience and want to finally step […]