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Jim Kenney

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City Life

Nutter Pushes Philly for Dem Convention

CBS Philly reports that Mayor Nutter has put Philadelphia in the running for the 2016 Democratic National Convention. But that apparently happened only after prodding […]


Not So Fast: Councilman Kenney Not Ready for Marijuana Legalization

On Tuesday, Philadelphia City Councilman Jim Kenney announced that he was introducing a bill to eliminate mandatory arrests for possessions of small amounts of marijuana. […]

City Life

Councilman Jim Kenney Wants to Decriminalize Reefer

The Inky reports on Councilman Jim Kenney’s proposal to decriminalize marijuana. “He said he was not advocating full legalization, but was taking his cue from […]


Councilman Kenney: No Mandatory Arrest for Marijuana Possession

A couple of days after President Obama told the New Yorker that he is basically OK with weed, Philadelphia Councilman Jim Kenney says that he […]

City Life

Sims, Kenney Respond to Corbett’s Endorsement of LGBT Non-Discrimination Bill

Governor Snorebett Corbett shocked our pants off today when he came out in support of H.B. 300, a long sought-after bill that will once and […]

City Life

Meet the Millennial Behind Philly’s LGBT Equality Bill

Last spring when I was covering Jim Kenney’s LGBT Equality Bill, I visited the councilman’s office in City Hall to learn more about it. During our […]

City Life

Jim Kenney Writes Moving Love Letter to Sriracha

Today we learned that Philadelphia City Councilman Jim Kenney is an undying lover of “ambrosial” Sriracha rooster hot sauce. There was talk of a global […]

City Life

Jim Kenney Wants Inmates to Clean Philadelphia

Councilman Jim Kenney wants to set up a program through which non-violent offenders can volunteer for positions earning about $10/hour that will have them vetted […]