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Report: Eagles Offered Coaching Job To Kevin Sumlin

Before they landed Chip Kelly, the Eagles offered their head-coaching job to Texas A&M’s Kevin Sumlin, according to a report.

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Eagles Unveil $125 Million Plan For the Linc

The Eagles have released the details of the $125 million renovation already underway at Lincoln Financial Field.

The 10-year-old stadium is undergoing a significant make-over in an effort to enhance the fans’ gameday experience.

“We have had discussions with season-ticket holders over the past couple of seasons to find out what was important to them,” said team president Don Smolenski. “We listened and developed a plan of action. The revitalization of Lincoln Financial Field that will take place over the next two years is a direct result of those conversations.”

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Eagles Draft: Sorting Through The Intel

Much has been written about the Eagles and their plans for the draft, which all of a sudden is right on our doorstep. We have heard hundreds of opinions. But at the end of the day, it is the opinions of the key decision-makers inside the NovaCare walls that matter.

Howie Roseman, Chip Kelly and Jeffrey Lurie are in no hurry to divulge their plans, of course. It does them no good. Misdirection gets them farther than truth-telling this time of year. But if we sift through what has been said over the weeks leading up to the draft, maybe we can see the overall picture a little more clearly.

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Eagles Wake-Up Call: On Roseman, Kelly And Gamble

Howie Roseman has been hesitant to offer a straight answer.

Perhaps he doesn’t want to feed into the perception that he’s a power-hungry GM looking for maximum control. Or maybe it’s just a matter of Chip Kelly wanting the organization to project a team-oriented approach in all aspects of the operation.

But asked many times over the past few months who has the final say on draft picks, Roseman has provided different variations of the same response.

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The Eagles In A Flat-Cap World

One of the most interesting scenes at the owners meetings in Phoenix last week came courtesy of Patriots owner Robert Kraft. He stopped to meet with a group of reporters outside of the Biltmore Hotel and, having just lost Wes Welker to the Denver Broncos, stepped out of character and went into great detail to explain why the Pats were unable to strike a deal with the popular wideout. In his efforts to paint New England in a better light, he allowed us a peek at the new NFL business model.

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Draft Buzz: Geno Smith’s Journey; Mayock On Manuel

The latest Eagles draft buzz, including notes on Geno Smith’s journey to the NFL, Chip Kelly’s interest in Arizona’s Matt Scott and Mike Mayock on EJ Manuel.

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Eagles Wake-Up Call: Notes From the Owners Meetings

From Howie Roseman roasting marshmallows with Pete Carroll to Mike McCoy talking about his interview with the Eagles, we give you some color from the owners meetings in Phoenix.

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Q&A With Eagles Owner Jeffrey Lurie

PHOENIX — Jeffrey Lurie held a media session with a small group of reporters outside of the Biltmore hotel Monday that lasted about 14 minutes. He rarely talks, so we figured we would share most of what he had to say. This is how a bulk of the Q&A went:

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Lurie On Foles: ‘He’s Going To Have A Great Opportunity’

PHOENIX — Much has been made of the fact that Nick Foles doesn’t appear to have the exact skill set that Chip Kelly seems to prefer. Namely, that Kelly likes a QB who poses a threat to run, and Foles is no threat.

Lurie, in a newsy session with a small group of reporters at the owners meetings Monday, spoke highly of the signal-caller.

“I think it’s to be determined but Nick showed an awful lot before he broke his hand,” said the Eagles owner. “Poise and accuracy. We’re real excited about Nick. I think the best thing is to say to be determined how it’s going to work, but he’s going to have a great opportunity. He’s really bright, he’s a very hard worker, he has all the intangibles. We just have to see how he can maximize it or not.”

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Jeffrey Lurie On Decision To Attend Geno Smith’s Workout

PHOENIX — Jeffrey Lurie addressed a number of topics Monday afternoon at the owners meetings at the Biltmore hotel in Phoenix, including his decision to attend Geno Smith‘s pro day in Morgantown recently.

“It’s a common thing when it’s an important decision,” said the Eagles owner. “We haven’t had a high draft pick for 14 years, and I think it’s true with anybody that we’re going to look at that you want to have all the information you can. It’s a very important decision for us if we stay at No. 4 there.”

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Eagles’ Brass Work Out Geno Smith

The Eagles’ brass traveled to Morgantown, W. Va. today to work out quarterback Geno Smith, a league source confirmed.

Pro Football Talk first had the report.

Chip Kelly, Howie Roseman and Jeffrey Lurie made the trip to meet with Smith, who is expected to be the first quarterback off the board in April’s draft.

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Banner: We Felt Kelly Was Too Big Of a Gamble

The Cleveland Browns were the first team to get to Chip Kelly.

Joe Banner and company met with Kelly in Arizona on the Friday after the Fiesta Bowl. Reports surfaced that night that the two sides were close to a deal. But on Saturday, the Eagles got their shot and made the most of it. It seemed that Jeffrey Lurie and Howie Roseman had one-upped Banner for the guy both sides viewed as the top option on the market.

But that’s not exactly how Banner sees it.

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Howie Roseman: Chip Kelly’s a ‘Trend-Setter’

As the Eagles’ brass introduced their new head coach Thursday afternoon, they wanted to make one thing clear: Chip Kelly was not being hired for his offensive scheme.

Since Kelly’s name first started to get linked to NFL head-coaching jobs, many have debated whether his spread-option attack would work at this level. But really, that is the wrong question.

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Lurie Defends Roseman, Takes Jabs At Banner

Thursday’s proceedings at the NovaCare Complex were about more than just Chip Kelly.

Sure, the afternoon started with the Eagles introducing their new head coach, but owner Jeffrey Lurie took the opportunity to voice his opinion on a couple other issues.

One, he offered an aggressive defense of general manager Howie Roseman. And two, he made sure to point out that his old buddy Joe Banner was never in the mix for Kelly’s services.

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Eagles Wake-Up Call: First Impressions Of Chip Kelly

This was supposed to be the intimate gathering.

Chip Kelly had already sat next to Jeffrey Lurie for about 34 minutes, answering questions from reporters in the jam-packed Novacare auditorium. Then there were one-on-one interviews for TV. And a chat with the team’s Web site after that.

The last stop was meant to be a less formal meeting with writers in a designated conference room near the cafeteria.

But this is Philadelphia. And the last time a new coach was introduced was 1999 when Kelly was in his first season as New Hampshire’s offensive coordinator. So instead of a handful of writers, Kelly was greeted by 30-plus inquisitive faces.