Lurie On Foles: ‘He’s Going To Have A Great Opportunity’

PHOENIX — Much has been made of the fact that Nick Foles doesn’t appear to have the exact skill set that Chip Kelly seems to prefer. Namely, that Kelly likes a QB who poses a threat to run, and Foles is no threat.

Lurie, in a newsy session with a small group of reporters at the owners meetings Monday, spoke highly of the signal-caller.

“I think it’s to be determined but Nick showed an awful lot before he broke his hand,” said the Eagles owner. “Poise and accuracy. We’re real excited about Nick. I think the best thing is to say to be determined how it’s going to work, but he’s going to have a great opportunity. He’s really bright, he’s a very hard worker, he has all the intangibles. We just have to see how he can maximize it or not.”

Some other highlights:

— Lurie said that he would push for a Super Bowl in Philadelphia if New York is a success.

“I will, yes I will. If it’s a success New York will help us,” he said.

— On the decision to move training camp to Philadelphia:

“We had a wonderful experience with Lehigh. They were fantastic. I loved the fan engagement there. I think with NovaCare being one of the top facilities — teams are really tending towards bringing it all to their home facility, and finding ways as Don [Smolenski] has done to really have some great fan engagement during that process in the stadium. It’s bringing it into the city, which we haven’t done for a while, and that’s exciting, too. Real exciting.

“It’s interesting when we interviewed coaches, we asked every coach what would they prefer because we tend to defer to the coach on this. And it was unanimous that every coach we interviewed I think that they wanted training camp, if you have a great facility, to be seamless with the facility the players are going to be training in year round.”