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Jeffrey Lurie

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More On Murray’s Plane Ride With Lurie

The sitdown wasn’t planned, exactly, but it wasn’t happenstance either. DeMarco Murray had been wanting to speak with Jeffrey Lurie for the last several weeks, per a […]

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Report: Murray Addresses Frustrations With Lurie

DeMarco Murray is unhappy with his role and has addressed it with owner Jeffrey Lurie, according to a report from ESPN’s Ed Werder.

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Eagles-Patriots, The Day After

Veteran Jason Peters called it a sight he had never really seen before. It’s not uncommon for Jeffrey Lurie to speak with the players pre-game, but […]

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Eagles Wake-Up Call: Perception vs. Reality

Chip Kelly stood before his players during Tuesday’s morning meeting at the NovaCare Complex to discuss perception versus reality. Rumors swirled about him meeting with […]

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Eagles-Lions, The Day After

USA TODAY Sports[/caption] Jeffrey Lurie meets with Chip Kelly after every game. That’s where he was headed when cameras caught him leaving his box early […]

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Four Downs: Eagles Season Sinks Even Further

DETROIT, MI — After being embarrassed in front of fans at The Linc last week, the Eagles played even worse in front of a national audience […]

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WATCH: Bradley Cooper Chants Eagles Fight Song at Lincoln Financial Field

With the anticipated matchup between the Philadelphia Eagles and the New York Giants last night, Bradley Cooper has been front and center in support of […]

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Lurie On Chip, Bradford And Roseman

It wasn’t quite state-of-the-union, but owner Jeffrey Lurie did speak with a small group of reporters just off the NovaCare practice fields following Friday’s session […]

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New Spygate Piece Touches On Eagles-Patriots Super Bowl

With some NFL owners viewing the punishment for Deflategate as a make-up call by the league for its handling of Spygate, Seth Wickersham and Don […]

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Eagles Wake Up Call: Lurie And the Changing Power Structure

Below is an excerpt from my Eagles Almanac chapter exploring whether Jeffrey Lurie has been firm enough when it comes to the organizational power structure. If you […]

City Life

Jeffrey Lurie’s Brother-In-Law Alleges Rampant Racial Profiling by Radnor Police

Nick Lai was hired by the Radnor Township Police Department in May 2013. Just two years later, he’s no longer employed by the department, and […]

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Wake-Up Call: Roseman’s Role In Negotiations

Today’s question comes from reader Christopher, via e-mail: A lot has been written about Chip overpaying on some of these contracts, such as the potential […]

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Ten Leftover Thoughts On the Eagles

It was an eventful few days for the Eagles during the NFL owners meetings in Phoenix. We heard from Jeffrey Lurie on Tuesday, from Chip Kelly on Wednesday […]

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Eagles Wake-Up Call: Bradford ‘Worth the Risk’

PHOENIX, Ariz. — For all the talk of power structures and system fits at Jeffrey Lurie‘s press conference Tuesday, the Eagles owner never strayed far […]

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Lurie: Mortgaging the Future Can Make Sense

PHOENIX, Ariz. — The question posed to Jeffrey Lurie concerned the power structure that he settled on earlier this offseason. Was there risk in choosing a model where […]