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“It’s Always Sunny” to Air on a Channel You’ve Never Heard of

Eager to titillate its younger audience a little more than usual, FX has decided to create a spin-off channel called “FXX.” (Dangerously close to FXXX, […]

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It’s Official, “Always Sunny” Folks Opening a New Bar in Rittenhouse

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia husband-and-wife team Rob McElhenney and Kaitlin Olson, along with a gaggle of fellow alumni of St. Joe’s Prep, are teaming […]

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Cali Brewer to Introduce “It’s Always Sunny”-Inspired Beer

First “Dayman” was “Nightman.” Then, it became its own song. Later, a recurring joke. After that, a full-fledged musical. And now, Philadelphians, a beer. Until […]


Second Mac’s Coming to Chestnut: We Handicap the Locations

A second Mac’s Tavern has been rumored to be west of Broad for a bit now. Today, Michael Klein reports that the deal is “so close […]

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VIDEO: Diddy Made Cancer Funny on It’s Always Sunny

The long-awaited Diddy guest shot finally happened on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia last night. Who needs an oncologist when you’ve got funk:

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It’s Always Sunny Gets Super Trashy for Season 8

On Thursday, the gang will return to your television as the eighth season of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia premieres on FX. The premiere episode […]

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Always Sunny Returns in October

Dennis, Dee, Mac, Charlie and the whole gang from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia are finally returning to your television this fall. FX announced on […]

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VIDEO: Kung-Fu Teaser Hypes It’s Always Sunny Season 8

If you’ve been going through It’s Always Sunny withdrawal, you won’t have to suffer much longer. FX Network recently released the first teaser promo for […]

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It’s Always Sunny’s Glenn Howerton Set to Star in First CollegeHumor Original Film

Dayman might be prepping for a jump to the big screen as Glenn Howerton, of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia fame, is set to star […]

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Mac From It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Gets a New Show

Fox has greenlit a new pilot based on the book Living Loaded. It chronicles a booze blogger’s lifestyle change as he transitions to the world […]

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North Korean Ruler Kim Jong Il Is Dead

Kim Jong Il Dead. Kim Jong Il—the head of state in North Korea since 1998—died of a heart attack. Korean Americans—including those in the Philadelphia […]

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Liberals Love It’s Always Sunny

A new survey from Experian-Simmons measures which television shows are most popular amongst liberals and conservatives. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia made the list for […]

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SNL Boasts of Big Ratings With Charlie Day

Charlie Day—of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia fame—took a break from hitting rats with planks and scrubbing toilets to host SNL this weekend. The episode […]

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Kaitlin Olson and Rob McElhenney Are Pregnant

Kaitlin Olson and Rob McElhenney—the First Couple of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia—are expecting their second child. Olson gave birth to their son Axel last […]