“It’s Always Sunny” to Air on a Channel You’ve Never Heard of

Eager to titillate its younger audience a little more than usual, FX has decided to create a spin-off channel called “FXX.” (Dangerously close to FXXX, the casual googling of which may get you arrested in some midwestern states.) And on that channel, designed specifically for 18-34 year olds, you will find the 9th season of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,” come fall 2013. The new network will beam into 70 million homes on September 2nd. “The League” and “Totally Biased with W. Kamu Bell” will also move to FXX. Oh my God, is that really the name?

I think I get the thinking here: FX splits off its shows about youngish, mostly winsome people (“Always Sunny,” “The League,” “Totally Biased”) from its shows about older, grizzled, angry, cynical people (“Louie,” “Sons of Anarchy”). But in the process you confuse everyone and we’re all just left watching Frasier re-runs. [LA Times]