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income inequality


Philly Has the Country’s Third Worst Income Gap, Study Finds

A new Bloomberg study just reconfirmed a scary reality in Philadelphia: the gap between the city’s rich and poor is one of the biggest nationwide […]


Here’s How Much Income Puts You in Philadelphia’s Top 1 Percent

The gap between the country’s top earners and everyone else is, unsurprisingly, still widening, and a report from CNBC this week gives us some insight […]


Comcast Threatens to Sue If City Enacts Wage Discrimination Bill

Comcast has threatened to sue Philadelphia if Mayor Jim Kenney signs a bill passed unanimously by City Council last month that would forbid employers from asking job […]

City Life

Report: Few Penn Students Come From Low-Income Areas

A recent study from Brandeis University found that undergraduates at the University of Pennsylvania are lacking in socioeconomic diversity.


Philly’s Rich Areas Are Getting Even Richer

Philadelphia is the poorest of the 10 biggest cities in the country. At the same time, Bloomberg Business reported last week that the metropolitan area is the 19th richest nationwide. […]


Here’s How Much $100 Is Worth in Philly

A hundred bucks doesn’t go very far in Philadelphia. The Tax Foundation examined the cost of living in metropolitan areas across the nation, and found that […]


We Live in Amazing Times: In NYC, “Looie” Offers Access to Pristine Bathrooms … for $25 a Month

Ever since the City Toilet on the north end of Dilworth Plaza died a quiet death in 2007, Philadelphians have been on their own when […]