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penn surgeon elinore kaufman, who worries about a lack of appendectomies and a surge in shootings during the philadelphia coronavirus crisis
City Life

Why This Penn Surgeon Is Worried About Appendectomies and Shootings During the Coronavirus Crisis

Last week, Penn surgeon Elinore Kaufman wrote a moving op-ed in the New York Times entitled “Please, Stop Shooting. We Need the Beds.” In her […]

Tugger, a dog with HUP’s Pups, rests while dressed as Frosty the Snowman

How HUP’s Pups Help Hospital Patients, Caregivers

It’s not fun to be in the hospital on a holiday. But there are some four-legged friends who are helping to boost everyone’s mood this […]

Be Well Philly

These Are the Best Philly-Area Hospitals, According to U.S. News & World Report

U.S. News and World Report just released its annual Best Hospitals rankings and — drumroll, please — The Hospitals of the University of Pennsylvania-Penn Presbyterian landed on the […]


Study: Philly-Area Hospitals Charge Wildly Different Prices for Same Treatment

One of the most vexing things about the American health care system is costs. When making a large purchase like a house or car, most […]

Be Well Philly

These Intensive-Care Babies at HUP Are Philly’s Most Precious Trick-or-Treaters

Maybe it’s all the hormones I still have pumping after just having my own kid six months ago, but, man, I can’t help but be in […]

Be Well Philly

Here’s How Many Babies Were Born at Penn Medicine During Pope Weekend

Looks like Penn Medicine was a bit off in its estimation of how many babies would be born at its hospitals over Pope weekend — […]


10 Philly Hospitals Ranked by Reputation

Hospitals are often ranked by physician ratings, patient experience or level of expertise in a specialty. But what about community perception? In today’s new world of […]

City Life

Two Philly Hospitals Designated for Ebola Treatment

Remember early last month when it seemed like the Ebola virus might devastate America? When one person died, a few more got sick, and we […]


HUP Patient Being Checked for Ebola

A patient at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania is being tested for the Ebola virus. The patient probably doesn’t have Ebola, but HUP […]


HUP Named Top Local Hospital by U.S. News

U.S. News and World Report recently ranked hospitals in the Philadelphia region and the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania took the top spot. Jefferson […]