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That Kennett Square ‘Needles in Candy’ Story Wasn’t Real

Authorities in Chester County announced today that reports of needles found in Halloween candy in the borough were “unfounded.” In a statement, Chester County Detectives […]

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PHOTOS: Henri David Ball 2015

This weekend saw the 42nd edition of Henri David’s Halloween Ball. The always-over-the-top costume parade drew 1,500 guests to the Sheraton Center City dressed as […]

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This Is How Many Calories Are in Philly’s Top-Selling Halloween Candies

Its official: Halloween is less than 24 hours away and Philly’s got a sweet tooth, with a preference for chocolate. Recent research by Peapod proves […]


Here Are the Best Philly Neighborhoods to Go Trick-or-Treating in 2015

Is Halloween on the verge of whithering away? We sure hope not! For one, Philadelphia is still considered by Zillow researchers to be one of the […]


ICYMI: All Halloween Everything

The weirdest holiday of all is upon us, and we’ve got all the answers to your Halloween questions. Can’t decide where to celebrate and show […]


Halloween At The Upstairs Bar At The Franklin

Don’t have a place to wear your sexy barbecue sauce costume yet? Don’t worry. The Upstairs Bar at The Franklin has you covered.

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Are We Witnessing the Death of Trick-or-Treating?

Halloween is Saturday night, which means my inbox is chock-full of holiday-related emails. There’s the one from U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer, who apparently loves him […]

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The Dead Milkmen Bring Their Annual Halloween Scare Party to the Troc

Gone are the days when Philly’s satirical punk rock band The Dead Milkmen tour around in a kooky converted ambulance. It’s 30-plus years down the road […]

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The 10 Do’s and Don’ts of Running or Working Out in a Costume

With Halloween coming up this weekend and a slew of spooky workouts to keep you occupied — not to mention, the Rock ‘n’ Roll Half […]

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We Have a Halloween Pet Costume Problem

Right on cue, I woke up yesterday wondering if I might have a problem. Yes, the signs have been there day in and day out, week after […]


13 Killer (And Doable!) Halloween Looks from Philly Makeup Artists

We asked, and Philly makeup mavens responded in droves: We present the 13 most ghoulish, gory, and gorgeous Halloween looks that our city talent has to […]

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Soundtrack to a Gay Halloween Horror Story

Halloween (otherwise known as Gay Christmas), especially out at the bar, is a cross between Eyes Wide Shut and the portal to John Malkovich’s brain. […]


5 Philly Shops for Halloween Costumes You’ll Actually Wear Again

According to the National Retail Federation, the average person will drop $74 on a Halloween costume this year. While a good penguin suit always gets a […]

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Halloween Fitness Events in Philly: 15 Ways to Have a Fit (and Fun!) Halloween

As a kid, every Halloween I used to travel miles away with my siblings just to get to the most loaded trick-or-treating neighborhoods. You know, the neighborhoods with houses […]


Shop Talk: The Only Nail Polish Colors You Need This Fall

Every time I go to the nail salon, I find myself panicking as I try to pick out colors, especially now that it’s fall. Do […]