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Gay Marriage

City Life

Gay Marriage in PA: A Love Story

Newspapers generally don’t bring me to tears–except my own, when it drove me to quit after 30 years–but I was an emotional faucet as I […]

City Life

Reparative Therapy Can’t Cure Homosexuality

Those darn Satanic homosexuals are in the news again. A Christian-based therapy center owned by Marcus Bachmann, husband of presidential wannabe Michele Bachmann, reportedly practices […]

City Life

Gay Marriage Is Coming

Circle the wagons and gather the womenfolk, Rick Santorum. Same-sex marriage is a comin’. With New York in the ‘plus’ column for marriage equality, it’s […]

City Life

Equal Rights, Equal Registries!

Big news: A judge in Boston ruled that the federal ban against same-sex marriage is unconstitutional. Bigger news: Same-sex couples can compete in the Today […]