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Fun With Lists

City Life

What Kind of Phillies Fan Are You?

The crack of the bat. The smell of the freshly cut grass. The moron in your section who thinks he’s Rodney Dangerfield and won’t shut […]

City Life

10 Ways Philly Can Get a World-Class Rep

World Class. The words just roll off your tongue. Beautiful words. Aspirational. Inspirational. Probably perspirational. When I hear about Philadelphia’s potential, I’ve always thought, world […]

City Life

Chris Berman, Vaughn Hebron, Derrick Gunn, Mark Sanchez, Bill Cowher…

With the sports world in a holding pattern — the Super Bowl is maddeningly many days away, and the Flyers and Sixers proceed to their […]

Be Well Philly

It’s January So My Gym’s Filled With Clueless People

This time of year, my gym is packed to maximum capacity, thanks to all the resolution-makers and runners forced indoors by the cold. You’d never […]