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Jersey Woman Arrested for Poisoning Grandmother With Antifreeze

A 43-year-old Gloucester County woman has been arrested and charged with attempted murder after she allegedly tried to poison her husband’s grandmother with antifreeze. The […]

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Montco Woman Lacerates Brother’s Testicle With Fingernails During Intervention Gone Wrong

INTERVENTION! INTERVENTION! INTERVENTION! We’re not experts at staging interventions, but we do know that you’re not supposed to ambush people and berate them into becoming […]

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Six Flags Great Adventure Discontinues Drive-Through Safari Tours

Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, New Jersey has announced that it will close its Wild Safari a month early this year and that it […]

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Philadelphia Zoo Unveils Trails for Monkeys, Plans Trails for Bears, Cats and Hippos

On Thursday, the Philadelphia Zoo will unveil the first part of its plan to have one and a half miles of enclosed trails that will […]

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WATCH: Love is Love

A new video called Love is Love tells the story of a marriage, while advocating for marriage equality in the U.S. and around the world.

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Mo’Nique’s for Gay Marriage

Mo’Nique’s shows her support for marriage equality in her home state of Maryland. Plus: The Democrats reveal how marriage equality and ENDA fit into new party platform.

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This is Not the Letter You Write Your Gay Son

A young man came out to his father and received a letter disowning him. The openly gay son has since shared the letter with the world.

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Andy Reid’s Wife Was on the West Coast When News of Son’s Death Came Down

Tim McManus of our Birds 24/7 blog has been reporting and curating news and reactions to the sudden death of Garrett Reid, the oldest son […]

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Cole Hamels Stayed in Town for Fans Like My Aunt Babs

The day Cole Hamels announced he’d signed the contract of a lifetime, I said goodbye to the biggest Phillies fan I know. Bianca Lombardo was […]

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Inside the House of a Hoarder

Americans are drowning in stuff, or so says a recent study from UCLA’s Center on Everyday Lives of Families. Conducted from 2001-2005, the study surveyed […]

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Who We Love: Kameron Slade

Kameron Slade delivers his speech for gay marriage at New York’s City Council. He’s in fifth grade.

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How a Philadelphian Goes Camping

I’m getting ready to go camping with my own family (one boyfriend, two teens, one teen+), a friend who is flying in from Tokyo, and […]

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Did Tripp Palin Just Say What We Think He Said?

Bristol Palin’s son Tripp has a temper tantrum on the reality show Bristol Palin: Life’s a Tripp recently in which he drops the F-bomb (the gay slur).


Garces Family Foundation Launching With A Big Party

As if he wasn’t busy enough with his Frohman’s-Wursthaus-canceling and plans for worldwide culinary domination, Jose Garces is now throwing his weight behind a new […]

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Why Families Head to the Shore Every Summer

When I first moved to New Jersey and started talking to residents, even my own in-laws, I was surprised at how many families vacation together […]