Edward Snowden

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Edward Snowden Will Make an Appearance at the Free Library

Edward Snowden is (kind of) coming the Free Library next month. The whistleblower and former CIA employee will appear via live closed-circuit video link – […]


John and Bonnie Raines: The Whistleblowers Whose 1971 FBI Raid Anticipated Edward Snowden

John Raines sat in the family station wagon, parked in a dark lot on the Swarthmore campus, waiting to see if his wife would return […]


Edward Snowden’s Father Speaks

In the course of reporting on John and Bonnie Raines for our January issue, writer-at-large Steve Volk spoke with a source who had a uniquely […]


It’s One Year After Edward Snowden and Philly’s All Too Happy Living in a Surveillance State

Philly, it’s about time you exercised your rights and told government enough was enough.  Instead of actually solving the schools crisis, your government seems more […]


Meet the Edward Snowdens of Philadelphia


Edward Snowden Is a Hero

That settles it, then: Edward Snowden is a hero. You remember Snowden, of course. He’s the former NSA contractor who took the agency’s secrets — including […]


Allyson Schwartz Breaks with Philly Dems to Vote Against “Snowden Amendment”

This week, a bipartisan piece of legislation that would have banned the NSA’s practice of collecting phone records without a warrant–the “Amash amendement” was defeated […]


N.J. Rep. Rush Holt Wants to Kill the PATRIOT Act

A little over two years ago, New Jersey Rep. Rush Holt bested IBM supercomputer Watson in a round of Jeopardy!, $8,600 to the machine’s $6,200. […]


Finally, A New Photo of Edward Snowden!

A few weeks ago, the Onion addressed a legitimate gripe: “Nation Demands New Photograph of Edwdard Snowden.” You know, this one. At last, here’s one […]


Edward Snowden Might Maybe Possibly Be Heading to Venezuela (Maybe)

Confusion has been a big part of the Edward Snowden ordeal, and thanks to a tweet from a russian diplomat, this most recent round of […]