Finally, A New Photo of Edward Snowden!

A few weeks ago, the Onion addressed a legitimate gripe: “Nation Demands New Photograph of Edwdard Snowden.” You know, this one. At last, here’s one from the New York Times, which was covering the news conference Snowden gave this morning in Terminal F of the Sheremetyevo Airport.

At the meeting, according to reports from the Times and The Guardian Snowden said he received asylum offers from Nicaragua, Venezuela, Ecuador, Boliva, and Russia. He plans to officially seek asylum in Russia later today, though eventually plans to go to South America. Russian President Vladimir Putin said he’d have him gladly as long as he didn’t harm the U.S. Snowden appeared to comply, suggesting he’s either done leaking information, or he doesn’t consider his work harmful to the U.S. But none of that matters as much as this brand new Snowden pic we can play with now!