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With Co-Working Space Failing, Owner Blasts Tech Community

Marvin Weinberger is not happy with the Philly tech community. The owner of the Venturef0rth co-working space on 8th and Callowhill Streets wrote a scathing […]


Port Plan: 8,100 New Jobs are Possible

What should we do with Southport? The 239-acre parcel at the east end of the Philadelphia Navy Yard has been the topic of much debate over the […]


Bank Execs Indicted For Allegedly “Hiding” Bad Loans

Two former executives of Wilmington Trust Corp. have been indicted for making false statements to the government in connection with the bank’s handling of bad loans during the […]


Philly’s Business Environment Ranks Near Last in New Study

Almost every day, some organization releases a report ranking U.S. cities. Best cities for buying a home. Best cities to start a restaurant. Best cities to raise a […]


1,250 New Manufacturing Jobs if “Eds & Meds” Buy Local, Says Report

  City Controller Alan Butkovitz has an ambitious plan to bolster the city’s manufacturing sector: Get anchor businesses like hospitals and colleges to buy local. […]

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Airport Expansion Is Big for Philly Economy

Now that a long-awaited settlement between the Philadelphia International Airport and neighboring Tinicum Township is a done deal, it’s an interesting time to examine the potential […]


Philadelphia Economic Growth Among Worst Worldwide

The Philadelphia metro area was ranked 250th for economic growth from 2013 to 2014 in a survey by the Brookings Institution of the world’s 300 biggest metropolitan economies. Ouch. […]

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Florida Governor Coming to Philly to Poach Jobs

Florida Gov. Rick Scott says he’s coming to Philadelphia next month to try to lure businesses and jobs here back to his state — making […]

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Report Says Gay Marriage Could Boost PA Economy By $58 Million in First Year

The Washington Post has published a report that claims gay marriage could generate up to $58 million for the Pennsylvania economy in its first year.

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It’s Not Just the Sixers: Jersey Is Paying Big to Lure New Jobs

There’s been some grumbling locally this week about New Jersey’s $82 million package to lure the Sixers headquarters and practice facilities to Camden. That’s part […]

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Pennsylvanians Too Stoned to Go to Work

Ever wish you could skip work and spend the day in a blitzed-out haze of pot smoke, junk food, and giant-screen plasma televisions? If you’re […]

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The Confidence Gap: Do Women Lack Confidence, or Does the World Lack Confidence in Women?

Women lack confidence —  so says a piece in The Atlantic called “The Confidence Gap,” written by two women with impressive careers at ABC World […]

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Philly Benefits From Energy Boom. But Is It Safe?

A series of stories today that paint a big and complex picture: Philadelphia is benefitting from an “energy boom”—refineries in danger of being shuttered a […]

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The Dangerous “Science” of Gregory Clark, as Read In the New York Times

Earlier this week, Sandy Hingston reported on a new study by California economics professor Gregory Clark, which claims genes, not social factors, are why it’s […]

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PA Unemployment Drops Below 7 Percent. Tom Corbett Wins*

PoliticsPA reports: “Pennsylvania’s unemployment rate fell to 6.9% in December, down from 7.3% in November. This is the lowest rate it’s been in five years and […]