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Doug Oliver

City Life

OPINION: Crowded District Attorney Race Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

There is an adage that goes: “To speak without thinking is to shoot without aiming.” Someone should have told that to former federal prosecutor Joe […]


Is Ed Rendell Trolling Philly’s Democratic Machine?

Former Gov. Ed Rendell is up to something. He’s one of the most popular Democrats in the city, and yet he keeps throwing his weight behind candidates […]


If Fattah Goes Down, Who Would Voters Replace Him With?

It finally happened: Philadelphia Democratic U.S. Rep. Chaka Fattah was indicted on corruption charges Wednesday. Already, political insiders are wondering if the congressman will resign in the coming months or simply choose not […]


Exactly How Wasteful Was the Tony Williams Campaign?

The only metric that really matters in an election is the vote count. But it’s interesting to look at which candidates got the most value […]


The Mayoral Election’s Other Big Winner? Doug Oliver.

In five or 10 years, we may look back at the past three months as the seminal moment in Doug Oliver’s political career. Or maybe not. It all […]


Party Hopping: Scenes From Philly’s Big Election Night Bashes

Last night, Philadelphia magazine dispatched reporters to most of the Democratic mayoral candidates’ Election Day parties (sorry, Milton Street) to document the agony and the ecstasy […]


Jim Kenney Wins in Historic Landslide

Updated 5/20/2015 with nearly final election results. Jim Kenney won the Democratic mayoral primary in dominating fashion Tuesday night, capturing neighborhoods across the city in a […]


The Brief: This Is The Only Philly Voter’s Guide You’ll Need Today

Dear God, it’s here. Today is Election Day. The stakes are high: This is Philadelphia’s first competitive mayoral primary in eight years. Plus, candidates for City Council, […]


Who’s the Best Mayoral Candidate For Small Business?

The U.S. Census reports that there are more than 100,000 small businesses within the city limits of Philadelphia. And that number’s probably understated because there are likely many […]


The Case for Doug Oliver

(Editor’s note: This week on Citified we’re featuring op-eds from supporters of the mayoral candidates. Monday, Ken Trujillo endorsed Jim Kenney. Tuesday, Ajay Raju made the […]


This One Super PAC Raised More Than All the Mayoral Candidates Combined

The headline for this story would be “Mayoral Candidates Jim Kenney and Tony Williams Neck and Neck in Fundraising” if this were any other year. But this […]


The Brief: Watch the Most Compelling Ad of the Campaign

1. Doug Oliver Has a Compelling, Kind-of-Controversial, Television Ad The Gist: Doug Oliver, who’s running a shoestring mayoral campaign, has scraped up enough cash for a […]


Here’s Why (Insert Your Favorite Candidate’s Name) Will Win the Mayor’s Race

There are just 29 days remaining before Philadelphians choose the city’s next mayor. It doesn’t feel that way; not given how low voter interest appears to […]


Tonight: Drink Away Your Fears About Philly’s Future with Citified’s Mayoral Debate Drinking Game

The first televised mayoral debate of 2015 airs tonight at 7 p.m. on NBC10. This matters for a whole lot of grown-up reasons. It’s also an excuse […]


The Brief: Ed Rendell “Not Likely” to Endorse a Mayoral Candidate

Former Gov. Ed Rendell said Tuesday he is “not likely” to endorse a mayoral candidate in the May 19th primary. He also announced yesterday that the Rendell Center for Civics & […]