Tonight: Drink Away Your Fears About Philly’s Future with Citified’s Mayoral Debate Drinking Game

A good night for a cold one.

mayoral debate drinking game

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The first televised mayoral debate of 2015 airs tonight at 7 p.m. on NBC10. This matters for a whole lot of grown-up reasons.

It’s also an excuse to get tipsy, which, let’s face it, can only help.

The rules for Citified’s Official Drinking Game for All 2015 Mayoral Debates are as follows:

Drink one sip if:

  • A candidate says Pennsylvania needs a new education funding formula.
  • A candidate says “super PAC” or “dark money.”
  • A candidate speaks fondly of former mayor Ed Rendell.
  • A candidate says they’d track down tax delinquents if elected mayor and make them pay.
  • A candidate proposes selling, leasing or improving a city asset to save money.
  • A candidate says school officials shouldn’t approve any new charters.
  • A candidate says the School Reform Commission should be abolished.
  • A candidate talks about making city government more efficient.
  • A candidate says that they’d work hand-in-hand with City Council or state officials as mayor.
  • A candidate talks about collecting “payments in lieu of taxes” from nonprofits.
  • You observe someone on Facebook, on Twitter or IRL bemoaning, “Are these really the mayoral candidates?”

Drink two sips if:

  • Former District Attorney Lynne Abraham says, “I’ll be nobody’s mayor but yours.”
  • State Sen. Anthony Williams talks about his record of supporting additional state funding for the city’s schools.
  • Former City Councilman Jim Kenney discusses his proposal to expand pre-K.
  • Former Philadelphia Gas Works executive Doug Oliver talks about young people.
  • Former city solicitor Nelson Diaz attacks Kenney.
  • Ex-con/former state Sen. Milton Street talks about violence.

Drink all the drinks in your house if:

  • A candidate speaks fondly of former mayor John Street.
  • A candidate says they support Mayor Michael Nutter‘s proposal to raise property taxes by 9 percent.
  • A candidate other than Abraham criticizes City Council President Darrell Clarke.
  • Kenney announces that he and his past mentor, former state Sen. Vince Fumo, are BFFs again.
  • Williams defends school vouchers.
  • Abraham defends the death penalty.
  • Street makes all of our nights by breaking into song.

If you don’t booze, we suggest you play a round of bingo with the same prompts. Be safe, and enjoy the debate!