Exactly How Wasteful Was the Tony Williams Campaign?

Very. And who got the biggest bang for his campaign buck? Doug Oliver.

Photos by Jeff Fusco

Photos by Jeff Fusco

The only metric that really matters in an election is the vote count. But it’s interesting to look at which candidates got the most value with their campaign spending. One blunt way to look at that is to see how many votes the candidates get per dollar spent.

Jim Kenney fared pretty well, as you would expect. His victory cost him about $12 per vote, and $30 per vote if you factor in his super PAC support, and you definitely should. Anthony Williams and his super PAC? A gobstopping $149 per vote won. Wow.

Who got the most bang for his limited buck? Doug Oliver. He spent a measly $4 for every vote he won. And for that we’ll give Oliver campaign manager Mustafa Rashed the very last official campaign insult of the mayoral primary: “If you want to know why our city is in the fiscal shape it is in, look no further to how people in office manage their money.”

Shots fired — for the last time.

For the full breakdown, see the chart below. Also: good god Lynne Abraham, what happened?