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house for sale avalon carriage house exterior front

Just Listed Down the Shore: Carriage House in Avalon

This Avalon carriage house for sale shouldn’t exist. But fortunately for both you and its builder, it does. And you now get a sunny, comfortable, […]

house for sale queen village updated expanded trinity exterior front

Just Listed: Modern Victorian Expanded Trinity in Queen Village

One of the things that annoy just about everyone in the real estate biz hereabouts is the appearance of the year 1920 in the date-of-construction […]

house for sale fitler square midcentury modern townhouse front entrance

Just Listed: Midcentury Modern Townhouse in Fitler Square

The Rittenhouse-Fitler Historic District is one of the oldest of Philadelphia’s city-designated historic districts. Specifically, it was the third one to be established, in 1995. […]

house for sale repurposed germantown garage exterior front

Just Listed: Repurposed Garage in Germantown

“Germantown,” a poster on an Internet discussion board I frequent recently said, “is like a box of chocolates.” I couldn’t agree more with the poster’s […]

house for sale stone harbor cottage exterior front

Just Listed at the Shore: The Most Affordable House for Sale in Stone Harbor Right Now

Were this Stone Harbor cottage house for sale located just about anywhere other than Seven Mile Island, I might have headlined this “The Cheapest House […]