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Celebrity Sightings

City Life

Why We’re Angry That Beyoncé Lip-Synced the National Anthem

Before the world discovered that Beyoncé Knowles lip-synced the national anthem at the second inaugural of Barack Hussein Obama, she briefly brought America together. Republican […]

City Life

Bradley Cooper Wants to Play Lance Armstrong in the Movie

We don’t even know yet if there will be a “Lance Armstrong’s fall from grace movie”—Just kidding! There totally will be!—but the competition for casting […]

City Life

VIDEO: Jerry Seinfeld Made a Rap Album in Philadelphia. Really.

Right now is a good time to go remix all of Jerry Seinfeld’s old routines into the modern language of hip-hop. “What’s the deal with […]

City Life

Philly-bred Jill Kelley Finally Speaks Publicly About Petraeus Scandal

Jill Kelley, the Philly-bred Florida socialite who rocketed to infamy during the scandal that knocked David Petraeus from his perch at the top of the […]

City Life

The Original “Dear Abby” is Dead

Who will give us advice now? Pauline Friedman Phillips, who as Abigail Van Buren — “Dear Abby” — for more than 40 years dispensed advice […]

City Life

Bradley Cooper Got a Perm

There are no pics of this that we’re aware of, but: Bradley Cooper, former Sexiest Man Alive and current Oscar nominee, is apparently ready to […]

City Life

Rapper Meek Mill Files Suit Against Philly Police

Meek Mill is suing Philly police, saying he was unjustly stopped on Halloween Day last year and kept in custody for nine hours. During that […]

City Life

Louis C.K. Is the Perfect Comic for Right Now

Wanna hear a joke? Two schlubby middle-aged lesbian guys walk into a bar. “Boy, I’m fat and bald,” says the first one. “Boy, I’m lonely […]

City Life

You Think Boston Will Fight Us for Mark Wahlberg?

Don’t get me wrong—I like Mark Wahlberg. He was funny in Ted. He was scrappy in The Fighter. I appreciated his commitment to singing heavy […]

City Life

David Boreanaz Would Like You to Remember Bradley Cooper Is Not the Only Handsome Actor from Philadelphia

It’s probably unfortunate for Philly homeboy David Boreanaz—once of Buffy, now of Bones—to find himself featured in the Inquirer the same day Philly homeboy Bradley […]

City Life

Tom Cruise for President!

Lawrence Wright, a widely respected reporter whose most famous book is about religious fanatics trying to kill us all, is out with a new book […]

The Scene

Mark Wahlberg in Philly for Broken City Screening

Prince Theater was the scene for a big movie screening last night, as hundreds of very excited fans lined up outside the theater in hopes […]

City Life

Will Smith Writes Back to Young Fan—Two Years Later

They teach ’em manners—even if belated ones—in West Philadelphia. Hollywood A-Lister (and Sixers co-owner) Will Smith finally got around to answering fan mail from Monte […]

City Life

Chris Evans, Minka Kelly Attend Opening Night at Academy of Music

Philly Post contributor HughE Dillon got word that Hollywood celebs Chris Evans and Minka Kelly attended Wednesday’s opening night of Les Miserables at The Academy […]

City Life

Photographer Killed in Traffic While Tailing Justin Bieber; Miley Cyrus Weighs In

“Bieber Fever” has apparently claimed its first fatality—photographer Chris Guerra was killed New Year’s Day in a traffic accident that took place while he was […]