Rapper Meek Mill Files Suit Against Philly Police

Meek Mill is suing Philly police, saying he was unjustly stopped on Halloween Day last year and kept in custody for nine hours. During that time? Officers posted Instagram pics of the up-and-coming rapper while he was being held, Mill says. He ended up missing a scheduled appearance in Atlanta.

Williams claims his unlawful detention forced him to refund “his deposit for the private jet that was booked to fly plaintiff in the evening of October 31, 2012 to a promotional appearance in Atlanta,” and cost him “the loss of numerous sponsorships and endorsements; the loss of plaintiff’s solitude, seclusion and privacy; the anxiety and embarrassment associated with plaintiff being placed in a false light; and the anxiety and embarrassment of being seized, detained, confined and imprisoned against plaintiff’s will.”

The Daily News says department is refusing to comment on Meek Mill’s allegations. In December, a judge ordered Mill to stay in town rather than leave for concerts and other promotions, punishment for violating his parole on a 2008 conviction on drug and gun charges. [Daily News]