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Catholic Church

City Life

What Message is Holy Ghost Sending its Students?

It’s unlikely you’ve gone about the last few days without hearing or reading about Michael Griffin. The teacher at Holy Ghost Prep, an all-boys Catholic […]

City Life

Holy Ghost Prep Alum Responds to the Firing of Gay Teacher Michael Griffin

I have a lot of memories from high school. One that sticks out is the gay mime. Okay, they didn’t actually bring  a gay mime […]

City Life

Memo to the Tea Party: Jesus Was Not a Capitalist

The publication late last month of Pope Francis‘s first papal exhortation – Evangelii Gaudium, or “Joy of the Gospels” – raised the hackles of some […]

City Life

Pope Francis Just Provided Us With the Most Awesome Road House Fan Fiction Scenario, Ever

This is the most awesome thing to happen in the Catholic Church in 2000 years: Pope Francis has disclosed he used to work as a […]

City Life

No, Obama Isn’t Shutting Down the Embassy to the Vatican

Pope Francis issued a pretty stern statement Tuesday about capitalism’s less-redeeming features, but you might not’ve known that from the behavior of conservative American Catholics. […]

City Life

Archbishop Chaput Wants Everybody to Know He’s Cool With Pope Francis

Yes, Philadelphia’s Archbishop Chaput is known as one of the more vocally conservative leaders of the Catholic Church in America. Yes, Pope Francis is turning […]

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Vatican Orders Survey of Catholic Attitudes on Marriage, Other Hot-Button Issues

NBC10 reports that the Vatican has ordered up a questionnaire to quiz Catholics on their views about gay marriage and other hot-button issues. “Such a […]

City Life

Archdiocese Freezes Pensions for Lay Employees

The Inquirer reports: “The Archdiocese of Philadelphia plans to freeze the traditional pension for about 8,500 parochial school teachers, church office workers, and other lay […]

City Life

Charges Dropped Against Former Northeast Priest

One month ago, former Northeast Philadelphia priest Robert Brennan, 75, was charged with raping an alter boy when he was eleven. Last week, the now-26-year-old […]

City Life

Pope Francis Suspends “Bishop of Bling”

This is interesting. Good Morning America reports: “Pope Francis today suspended the free spending German Bishop Franz Peter Tebartz-van Elst — known derisively as Bishop Deluxeor the Bishop of Bling — and […]

Ralph Cipriano

Reporter Ralph Cipriano Subpoenaed Over Catholic Sex Abuse Case

Ralph Cipriano hates the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, as he’s demonstrated through his two decades of reporting on and mudslinging at the local branch of the […]

City Life

Another Catholic Girls Wants to Play a “Boys” Sport

Metro has an interesting story about Amanda Leve, who wants to wrestle for Archbishop Ryan High School. The Archdiocese of Philadelphia hasn’t decided if she’ll […]

City Life

Coming Soon to a Mall Near You: Atheist Church?

Look out: The atheists are assembling. But don’t worry, they mean you no harm. They merely hope to “live better, help often, wonder more.” The […]

City Life

POLL: A Majority of Catholics Agree With Pope’s Forward-Thinking View of Homosexuality

A few weeks ago, Pope Francis released a statement reprimanding the Catholic Church for focusing too much on homosexuality. The utterance sent shockwaves around the […]

City Life

An Ex-Philly Priest Has Been Charged with Sexual Assault

Rev. Robert Brennan, a 75-year-old former Philly priest has been charged with assaulting a altar boy over the course of four years in the late […]