Another Catholic Girls Wants to Play a “Boys” Sport

Amanda Leve wants to wrestle. The church hasn't decided yet.

Metro has an interesting story about Amanda Leve, who wants to wrestle for Archbishop Ryan High School. The Archdiocese of Philadelphia hasn’t decided if she’ll be allowed.

In a statement from the archdiocese, the decision to not allow girls in wrestling and football ensures “an appropriate playing environment that is safe for all participants. They also reflect the Catholic teaching that gender differences are important and play a role in the development of mature Christian identity while serving the distinct differences between male and female athletes.”

The statement also said “the situation will be reviewed moving forward” and that there is “no definitive timetable for a final decision,” but that “all possible factors will be taken into account to ensure that sports programs in our high schools foster an enjoyable and safe atmosphere to supplement academic pursuits and provide for proper human formation with Christian dignity and maturity.”

The girl, of course, just wants to wrestle. “I think the archdiocese is being stubborn about it,” she told the  paper. “I want to be on the team. I want to represent my high school.”

Which reminds us of Caroline Pia. Let the girl compete, Archbishop Ryan, and see if the boys can keep up!