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Andy Reid

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Eagles Wake-Up Call: The Idea Of Kicking Reid Upstairs

We have learned to expect the unexpected when it comes to the Eagles over recent years. From Michael Vick to Nnamdi Asomugha; Juan Castillo to Danny Watkins, just when we think we have them pegged, boom, they hit you with a left cross.

Perhaps that is why the city still has its collective guard up when it comes to the widespread sentiment that Andy Reid is on his way out. It is the anticipated move, the logic goes, so obviously the Eagles will do the opposite.

I can say with as much certainty as the Philadelphian in me allows that Reid’s last game as head coach of the Eagles will be this Sunday in New York. As early as Monday, Jeffrey Lurie will step to the podium and announce that after 14 years, it is time for a change.

Ah, but will there be a twist?

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Vick: ‘I Want To Get A Win For Coach Reid’

The first time Michael Vick was named the Eagles starter, he got a call from Andy Reid while on stage at a Philadelphia-area charity event.

That was back in September of 2010, as Vick took advantage of an injury to Kevin Kolb and set off on an unexpected, remarkable stretch of football that convinced the Eagles that they had a new franchise quarterback.

Fast-forward to Christmas Eve, 2012, the day of another Vick charity function – this one in Newport News, Virginia. Vick got another call from Reid, who asked him to be his starting quarterback one last time.

“I said if there is ever a time you need me I’ll be right there,” said Vick in a phone conversation with Birds 24/7. “I thought I played my last game for the season but things can always go the other way in the game of football.”

Birds 24/7

No Big Moments For Fans, Reid At Eagles’ Last Home Game

Philadelphia Eagles Head Coach Andy Reid.In the end, Andy Reid‘s presumed last home game as head coach of the Eagles felt no different than the seven that preceded it.

There were no chill-inducing moments. No acknowledgement from the team or the coach. No signs in the stands. It was all pretty anticlimactic.

Some patrons did serenade Reid with “Andy!” chants as he left the Linc field for  maybe the last time as coach.

“We’ve got great fans,” said Reid. “I’ve always said we’re kind of on the same page: when you stink they let you know you stink, and when you’re doing good they’re going to let you know you’re doing good. I got it. I understand the situation. I appreciate everything.”

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LeSean McCoy: ‘It’s Been a Real Tough Year’

Philadelphia Eagles RB LeSean McCoy.LeSean McCoy needed about 57 seconds to run through the entire list.

The Eagles running back had just played his first game in more than a month, returning to the field against the Redskins after suffering a concussion against them on Nov. 18. He was asked how tough this year’s been on him.

“It’s been tough for me because losing is definitely hard to deal with, being a winning franchise, and also just being hurt,” McCoy said. “I’ve never really been injured, not even missed games, so that’s probably the toughest part, not being able to help your teammates out, being one of the top players on the team.”

But there was more.

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Eagles Wake-Up Call: Gameday Predictions

As we count down to kickoff, here’s a roundup of Eagles-Redskins predictions to get your day started.

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Coaching Buzz: Pettine, Saban And Reid/Polian

An accomplished assistant with local roots is going to become a free agent at the end of the season, according to a report.

A source tells Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News that New York Jets defensive coordinator Mike Pettine has turned down a contract extension with the team.

Pettine has spent the last four years with Rex Ryan in New York. He was a defensive assistant with the Ravens from 2002-2008 and is a well-known name in high school football circles. Pettine’s Dad coached 33 years at C.B. West, while Pettine was the head coach at North Penn for five seasons.

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Notes From the Reid Presser

Philadelphia Eagles head coach Andy ReidNick Foles has struggled a bit with the deep ball in his first five starts. Per Stats, Inc., the rookie signal-caller has gone 4-of-23 on attempts over 20 yards. Thanks to Sheil’s tracking, we know Foles was 2-of-8 on throws of 16 yards or more against Cincinnati last week. After he badly underthrew Jeremy Maclin Thursday night, more questions began to bubble to the surface.

Andy Reid said on Friday that critics had similar concerns about Donovan McNabb‘s ability to long toss.

“They doubted his deep ball. He wasn’t real accurate with his deep ball,” said Reid. “You see that with some of these young quarterbacks where they put it up into coverage and sometimes guys make plays and sometimes they don’t.

“It’s footwork. It’s your footwork. Just getting used to the drops and then the pass rush lanes and all that. It’s a mixture of things; the secondary and the different coverages you are going to see, and getting yourself situated.”

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McCoy: ‘I Feel Like I’ve Let Coach Down’

Philadelphia Eagles RB LeSean McCoy.LeSean McCoy didn’t want to answer the question.

Asked what kind of reaction Andy Reid would draw from fans in what could be his final game at the Linc, he said, “I’m not thinking like that. I don’t want to answer that type of question. As far as I’m concerned, he’s our coach right now and hopefully in the future.”

But the reality is that McCoy is probably playing his final two games for the coach that drafted him in the second round of the 2009 draft. Even though the team is 4-10, coming off an 8-8 season last year and hasn’t won a playoff game since 2008, McCoy still stands firmly in Reid’s corner.

“I think so,” McCoy said, when asked if Reid is underappreciated. “If you sat here and tried to name five to eight coaches that’s better than Coach Reid, I would like to hear them, because Coach Reid’s a good coach. He gets blamed for everything. Sometimes if you break down the film or break down the plays and the mistakes, how do you fault the coach for that? But I guess people have their own opinions and their minds are made up. The thing about the team is we know how good of a coach he really is. Whatever happens, happens. I’m behind Coach Reid 110 percent.”

Birds 24/7

Just How Good Of A Gig Is It?

Philadelphia Eagles head coach Andy ReidThere is a healthy debate going on right now about just how desirable of a gig the Eagles’ head coaching job is.

The answer is of great significance at the moment, given that the team will be in the market for a new head man very soon, and nearly a third of the league may have openings as well. There stands to be a good deal of competition for the top available talent (see: Chip Kelly).

“This is one of the great jobs in America, the head coach of the Eagles,” said Ron Jaworski on 97.5 The Fanatic. “It’s been a down year and last year an 8-8 season, but that doesn’t take any of the luster off being the head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles. It’s one of the great cities in America. Everybody loves to be a coach in a large city — Philadelphia, New York, Chicago. I know for a fact that there are a lot of coaches that would like to coach the Eagles. There is a lot of glamour to that job.”

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What They’re Saying About the Eagles

From mock drafts to Andy Reid to Nick Foles, here’s a roundup of what the national media are saying about the Eagles this week.

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Five Eagles Numbers That Matter

From DeMeco Ryans to Fletcher Cox to the national perspective on Andy Reid, here are five Eagles numbers that matter.

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Eagles Wake-Up Call: Looking At Reid’s Last Home Game

Big moments have been few and far between during this the lost season, but we are approaching one.

Andy Reid is about to coach his last home game for the Philadelphia Eagles.

It is not an absolute but it is a cuticle shy of a slam dunk: Reid will not be back for a 15th season. That means the complex relationship between city and coach has just a couple more chances  to be played out publicly.

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NFL On Garrett Reid Findings: We Will Follow Up As Appropriate

A member of the NFL league offices addressed the recent discovery that Garrett Reid was in possession of steroids when he died on August 5.

“We are aware of the information,” said a league representative via email, “and will follow up as appropriate.”

The NFL did not say whether they would be conducting an independent investigation.

In a press conference Monday afternoon, Northampton County District Attorney John Morganelli said that there was no evidence that links the steroids with any members of the Eagles.

City Life

Garrett Reid Had Steroids in Room When He Overdosed

When unused syringes and needles were found in the Lehigh University dorm room in which Andy Reid’s 29 year-old son overdosed on heroin in August, […]

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Does Vick Want To Stay In Philly? He Won’t Say

Michael Vick spoke with the media for the first time since sustaining a concussion against the Cowboys back on November 11. Nick Foles has since been named the starter, leaving the star quarterback without a starring role and with little control over his future for the moment.

Vick was asked if  he still wants to be In Philadelphia given all that has transpired this season, and whether he would be open to returning next season as a backup.

“I just feel like I have a lot of football to play,” Vick responded. “I feel like I have a lot left in my tank. I’m enjoying the game, I feel fresh. I don’t know, man, I’ll have to talk it over with my agent and just see what happens. As of right now I have to continue to help this football team win these last two games and the future will take care of itself.”