Eagles Wake-Up Call: Looking At Reid’s Last Home Game

Big moments have been few and far between during this the lost season, but we are approaching one.

Andy Reid is about to coach his last home game for the Philadelphia Eagles.

It is not an absolute but it is a cuticle shy of a slam dunk: Reid will not be back for a 15th season. That means the complex relationship between city and coach has just a couple more chances  to be played out publicly.

If the fan base was surveyed, the majority would feel that Reid has done more than enough to earn a dignified exit. But there has been no guarantee that the end is coming. As a result, the fans on Sunday will have to act unprompted if they want to send a  positive message.

“I think Coach Reid deserves the utmost respect,” said Brent Celek. “When I grew up I really looked at two coaches in the NFL that I admired — one of them being Bill Cowher and one of them being Coach Reid. He really helped build this place into what it is today. The Eagles when I was growing up were a powerhouse. Coming from Cincinnati, the Eagles were a powerhouse year in and year out. You guys didn’t win a Super Bowl back then but you were going to NFC Championship after NFC Championship and then the Super Bowl. I looked at the Eagles and they are one of the top two, three teams in the league.”

That identity no longer applies. But the loyalty factor remains.

“There are times when you are going to have ups and downs in your career or with seasons,” said Celek. “I just hope he gets the respect he deserves because for what he did for this organization and this city, I think it’s huge. And from an outsider looking in from another city, it’s gargantuan. And people would love to have a coach like that.”

It will be interesting to see if any moments between the fans and their longtime coach come to pass on Sunday afternoon.


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RGIII is setting some records off the field: Via PFT:

Darren Rovell of ESPN.com reports that the league has sold more No. 10 Redskins jerseys this year than they have sold of any other player in a single year. While they’ve only been keeping the records for six years and don’t release exact sales figures, it’s a pretty good indication of how popular Griffin has become in and out of Washington in a short period of time.

Jason  Garrett seems to be gaining some security. From Dan Graziano:

His in-game coaching skill appears to have improved, and I think Sunday’s game showed the kind of cool-headed crunch-time decision-making that was lacking a year ago. But regardless of that, the more important part of a coach’s job is what he does throughout the week, the ways in which he leads and prepares his team. And when you watch the Cowboys these days, I think it’s easy to see Garrett’s influence manifesting itself in the way the team prepares and plays.


An off day for the Eagles, but since when has that gotten in our way?