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You’ll Never Guess What This Artist Did to a Car at PIFA’s Street Festival

Photo credit: Susan Nam

Photo credit: Susan Nam

Another year, another stellar PIFA Street Festival. The only shakeup: Painter Ivben Taqiy lent his skilled hand to a new palette (ahem, a Honda Civic) and it was pretty fantastic.

Curious to see the finished product? Keep reading after the jump and find out how to win a prize package valued up to $3,900. 

Ivben Taqiy, a standout local artist, tackled this challenging project in only the way a seasoned painter can. The massive palette allowed Taqiy to translate the springtime scenery of the Delaware Valley area. He says he chose the art direction “because of the amazing color scheme the [region has] around that time.” He painted the vehicle in a range of vivid hues like yellow, magenta and a bevy of blues. Likewise, Taqiy captured some of the Honda Civic’s most lauded, top-notch features, using banners to depict Lane Watch (a highway necessity) and Apple CarPlay (a road trip must).

When the car was done, everyone was experiencing a little wanderlust.

For those feeling adventure-inclined, you’re in luck. The live art installation kicks off the exciting launch of the #WanderWithDelValHondaDealers social photo contest. This spring, Delaware Valley Honda Dealers wants to see where you explore—whether it’s a secret picnic spot, your favorite ice cream joint or a morning hike.

Until June 16, you’re encouraged to post your best snaps to Instagram or Twitter (account must be public!), using the hashtag #WanderWithDelValHondaDealers, to enter to win one of three prize packages valued at up to $3,900. Prize features include Phillies suite access, concert admission, zoo entry, museum passes and slew of sports event tickets. For complete entry rules and regulations, click here.

In the meantime, happy wandering!