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Today’s Eats: What the Eagles are Feasting on this Holiday Season

From the moment the turkey is sliced to the second the ball drops, the air is filled with holiday cheer that is infectious. Family gatherings are bountiful, office holiday parties are something to be remembered, and through it all, we eat, drink, and, well, be merry. And though the pomp and circumstance of the holidays are much to be adored, it’s the traditions each of us looks forward to that truly fill us with the season’s spirits.

When it comes to traditions, in this town, the Eagles are at the top of the heap. We glue our eyes on them every week, cheer on every drive and call out (or, scream) for every challenge. And as the holiday season rolls around, we can taste the lure of the playoffs and begin to catch glimpses of the Lombardi trophy (please, please, please, we cry!). However, before the players can make it to January, the familial comforts of the holidays certainly work up their hard earned appetites. From Wide Receiver Riley Cooper’s must-have green bean casserole, to Safety Chris Maragos’ grandmother’s rice balls, get a glimpse at our hometown heroes’ favorite holiday meals – and then get to the market.

“Thanksgiving dinner. Honey baked ham, sweet potatoes, macaroni and cheese, topped off with pecan pie for dessert.” – Emmanual Acho (LB)

“My Nona always makes these incredible rice balls for Christmas.  Basically they are balls of rice that are breaded and fried. The flavor is kind of hard to describe, but she uses a cinnamon-flavored paste to hold the rice balls together.” – Chris Maragos (S)

“I love Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner, but unfortunately both holidays fall in the middle of football season, so I have to watch what I eat. I have to go with Easter because I can gorge once the offseason hits.” – Connor Barwin (LB)

“Fried turkey is a must on Thanksgiving. My dad would always do the honors of frying the turkey when I was younger, but I’ve learned to do it myself now that I am away from home. If you haven’t had fried turkey, you’re missing out.” – Malcolm Jenkins (S)

“Thanksgiving. Ham with dressing and pecan pie are the two musts. All of my family helps cook the meal and we can all do a lot of eating.” – Bennie Logan (DT)

“Thanksgiving. Green Bean Casserole, sweet potatoes and turkey.” – Riley Cooper (WR)

“I love homemade mac and cheese on Thanksgiving. My mac and cheese has to be homemade because I don’t like the packaged stuff.” – Chris Polk (RB)

“Thanksgiving. Turkey–preferably white meat–green bean casserole, wild rice stuffing, lots of gravy and the seven-flavored, multi-layered, Allen Family Jell-O. The Jell-O recipe is a tradition and we have it on all holidays.” – Beau Allen (DT)

“Thanksgiving. My favorite item on the Thanksgiving table is sweet potatoes with melted marshmallows on top.” – Zach Ertz (TE)

“My favorite is the traditional Thanksgiving meal.” – Cody Parkey (K)

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