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4 Tips & Tricks for Planning the Perfect Event

Planning an event is an overwhelming task at hand, no matter how seasoned you are. From the venue to the décor to the hired help, events – big or small – thrive on a plan of execution that ensures success. Guided by an acute attention to detail to just about everything that may (or may not) happen, planning connoisseurs have done their due diligence in devising some tips and tricks along the way that may just save your – ahem – behind. With an open mind – and your finger ready to click “Pin It” – check out the following bits of advice for your next event from the pros at Lincoln Financial Field.

 1. Flexibility is your Best Friend

Change is the most constant thing in life. From family relationships to how your clothing fits, it’s true that nothing stays the same. This same motto easily translates to event planning. “Whether it’s your keynote speaker’s availability, inclement weather, higher or lower attendance than expected, etc., you have to know how to be flexible and resilient to those changes,” notes Lincoln Financial Field Senior Sales Manager, Special Events, Lynnette Camacho. Tips & Tricks: The best thing you can do for your event (and your sanity) is to partner with a venue, such as Lincoln Financial Field, that understands although changes can and will occur, it’s working together to find a solution that is of utmost importance.

2. Be the Energizer Networker

Relationships are the key to just about anything you do. From friendships to coworkers   to your family, without a stable foundation built on trust and respect, sincerity is a lost cause. When it comes to event planning, building and maintaining relationships with professional contacts is imperative. “Having a friendly, honest relationship with a professional event contact can prove to be your biggest asset,” says Camacho, “because it’s about helping each other with business in mind.” Tips & Tricks: Maintain a relationship with those you enjoy working with. This can lead to fantastic referrals, help in arranging last minute events, or simply someone to bounce your ideas off of.

 3. Bring on the Budget

Rarely a favorite topic to discuss, but something that is not to be ignored, budgeting is key to a successful event. “Don’t be afraid to have an open and honest discussion with your vendors about what you are willing to spend,” explains Camacho. “When you make it uncomfortable by not being completely honest you can miss out on potentially having a great event.” Tips & Tricks: If the venue may be out of your price range, you never know what they are willing to offer you and your guests. “Find out, apples to apples, what you are getting at the venue and see if it is worth moving some monies from one area of your budget to the venue that you really want,” notes Camacho.

4. Watch the Clock

Four hours? Sure, that’s plenty of time! Are you sure? Is this window of time from the start to the finish of your event – before, during and after? “ It is important to note the amount of time you need to setup, operate, and breakdown the event and how that time can have a domino effect on the rest of your vendors, and possibly your attendees,” says Camacho. Tips & Tricks: Partnering with a venue that can offer your enough of everything – from the timetable to the appropriate amount of crew – is a detail worth looking into.

Yes, planning an event requires a laundry list of to do’s designed to keep both you and your event in check. Make your next event a surefire success by contacting Lincoln Financial Field, Tips & Tricks included.