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Thank Goodness, the Traditional Kitchen Is Officially Cool Again

Photo credit: pics721/Shutterstock

Photo credit: pics721/Shutterstock

For the last few years or so, ultra-modern kitchens (think: robot-like appliances and countertops that resemble operating tables) were all the rage in interior design. However, for 2016, the trend is starting to lose steam. It’s not that microwaves-of-the-future don’t hold a special place in our hearts, it’s just that, for many of us, the kitchen acts as a gathering place. And for cooking marathons or an impromptu homework sesh’ with the kids, the traditional kitchen’s knack for creating a cozy, inviting space (while still remaining fresh, not stuffy) triumphs. 

But first, it’s essential to break down the composition of a traditional kitchen. Its most defining feature: comfortable and classic styles. This includes: wood floors in an array of natural-looking hues, cabinets in similar woods, but adorned with subtle borders and trims, unobtrusive light fixtures, and countertops made of rock-derived materials. Home chefs, meanwhile, should also be happy: most modern appliances look great in traditional kitchens, so there’s no need to overhaul your oven-dishwasher-fridge combo (unless, of course, you’re in need of an upgrade).

As you can tell from the above: there’s a decent amount of wiggle room with traditional design. An important consideration to have when tweaking or renovating your kitchen to fit the modern traditional aesthetic is that the new traditional kitchens are still cool. They simply nix the hyper-minimalist, metal-heavy look previously favored.

As such, the beauty of traditional design is that it can be seamlessly melded with a bevy of other home styles. Anyone who watches Alison Victoria on DIY Network’s Crashers, for instance, knows that a kitchen needn’t be limited to one look. Rather, the style is best executed when coupled with exciting accents, be it an unexpected backsplash or eye-catching knobs and drawer pulls.

To see these looks up close, visit the Philly Home Show. “We’ll be showing two IKEA kitchens with the same dimensions and functions, presented in two opposing styles,” says Samantha Eisenman, local marketing specialist at IKEA. One will be traditional (“with nostalgic and individualistic accents”) while the other will be modern (“with clean, minimalistic lines and hidden features”).

So if the idea of a kitchen revamp already has you brainstorming, plan a trip to the Philly Home Show at the Pennsylvania Convention Center on February 12th through 14th, and February 19th through 21st. During the first weekend, Alison Victoria will discuss the best ways to tackle a homo reno’, while the second weekend will feature HGTV star John Gidding, host of HDTVs Curb Appeal. You’ll also be able to check out the latest in home design. Click here to purchase your tickets.