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Style Blogger Sabir Peele Shares How to Sip the Spring Away in Style

Photo credit: Saeed Ferguson

It’s all about bourbon this spring, according to fashionable Philadelphian and blogger behind Men’s Style Pro, Sabir Peele. “I love bourbon,” he says.  “It’s such an unexpected and inventive ingredient that shouldn’t be reserved for fall through winter. It’s an all-year drink!” Peele put his affection for all things rye to really good use on Thursday, May 10th by judging Bulleit Bourbon’s cocktail contest at the Ritt Row Spring Preview Party inside the Bellevue Hotel.

Here, he dishes on the coolest cocktails to taste this spring in the City:

Photo credit: Saeed Ferguson


Suga’s signature drink took the Ritt Row crowd by total surprise. “What made this drink over-the-top was one ingredient—honey,” says Peele. “It was Bulleit Bourbon, honey and a nice citrusy component,” he continues. “It was almost like drinking a warm-weather version of a hot toddy—like experiencing Christmas in spring. It was delicious.”

Rouge 98

The winner of the cocktail contest, Rouge 98 wowed guests with their Protagonist Punch. The Bourbon-based concoction paired a little spice with the smoky bourbon selection. “People really resonated with the earth tones in this drink. It had a nice nutmeg-gy feel that went really well with the oaky maple notes of Bulleit,” says Peele. “It felt like a harvest drink but it was still so spring—everyone loved it.”

Bar BomBon

Bar BomBon brought the heat with their Jalapeño Mango Martini made with Bulliet Bourbon. “It was spicy, sweet without being too sweet, and totally spring-ready,” insists Peele. “I loved that it avoided bitter ingredients. You want to uplift the ingredients of Bourbon not make them overly bitter—this did just that.”

Sabir’s final words of advice: “Don’t forget about food pairings! There were so many impressive ones at the preview party that went perfectly with bourbon like tuna tartare and gnocchi,” he says. “Philly’s such a food town—food pairings are almost as important as the drinks.”

Dreaming about one of these Bulleit-based drinks? Taste test them in person at Suga, Rouge 98 and Bar BomBon.