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Stretches to Help You Unwind and Recover After a Long Run

Photo credit: iStock/nensuria

Photo credit: iStock/nensuria

With the Blue Cross Broad Street Run quickly approaching, you might be feeling the strain of your training schedule: tired feet, aching hamstrings, and tight calves. And while logging race-ready miles is certainly important, it’s just as essential to stretch and recover properly. Here, you’ll find four hurts-so-good warm-ups, stretches, and yoga flows (including a refresher on how to use a foam roller) to keep you in racing shape. 

To Warm-up:

Stretching is often considered a slow, stationary activity, but active, dynamic stretching before your workout can help prevent injuries and keep your body loose while you run. You’ll execute static stretches post-run, but similar moves done quickly and in rapid succession before kicking off your miles can help get your blood flowing.

To Unwind:

After your run, resist the urge to collapse on the couch. Instead, do this cool-down yoga sequence that will not only gently stretch tired muscles, but also calm your breathing.

To Stretch:

Following your yoga flow, try a deeper stretching series to ensure all of your muscles have received adequate attention. Doing a variety of stretches will activate your entire body.

To Repair:

Many athletes love using foam rollers to help relieve muscle tightness, but if you’ve never used one before or you are feeling rusty, it’s time to brush up. The video below explains the basics, as well as the best muscles to target after a good run.

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